An existential paradigm shift, as evident as inevitable.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 
Proactive Citizens' steered
Humanity's Operating Complex
"Societal" = covering all sectors of society and personal life. Not to confuse with social = human well-being.
"System" = integrated complex of conventions, communication instruments, infrastructures and initiatives.
Governments do not steer society as a whole, they organize public domain products, services and events for a given geo-territory.
Steering society is each citizens' de facto responsability.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) is proposed as its systemic platform.
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SocietalSystem-DataBank - SocietalSystem-Program - SocietalSystem-Holding
The 3 pillars of any complete societal organization system.

Information Research Governance Management Learning Communication.
Explore the theoretical bases and practical applications throughout the linked sites below.


e-Région Sociétale Pilote, Province d'Essaouira, Maroc
Commune Pilote, Takoucht, Province d'Essaouira, Maroc - Commune Pilote, Imint'lit, Province d'Essaouira, Maroc
e-Région Sociétale Pilote, Province de Ouarzazate, Maroc
e-Région Sociétale Pilote, e-Région Marrakech, Maroc
SocietalSystem 1-Week Intro Workshops 2018
Bio Hôtel Lalla Mira, Essaouira, Maroc

The 1st bio-hotel of Morocco - the oldest hammam of Essaouira
with 1-3 months Stages-Internships
at Takoucht and Imint'lit and other villages, Essaouira Province
StS-Meta-Catalogue, Province d'Essaouira
250+ Catalogues en construction. Tous secteurs, tous géo-territoires. 
Probablement le plus vaste catalogue de la Province d'Essaouira, jamais imaginé et conçu ...

Etudions-le, complétons-le et rentabilisons-le ensemble !
Project StS-Para-Conference
10-11-12.2018 Migration, Morocco

See also: Pan-European Societal e-Regions Network
and Pan-Africacan Societal e-Regions Network

Programmes de StS-Formation Sociétale, pilote e-Région Marrakech,
Formulaire de Subscription pour Candidats StS-Dirigeants, Coopérants,
Freelancers, Partenaires et Membres Professionnels et Privés

Focus: Révitalization Rurale - e-Rationallisation Urbaine
Harmonisation et Re-Migration Nord>Sud, Ville>Campagne
Project Societal Expo-Congresses 2018, Alentejo, Portugal
Convergence of Systemic Solutions for an Exponential Shift 
in Societal Governance, Socio-economy and Personal Lifestyle.
Focus: Europe Mediterranean Africa, Rural Revitalization Urban e-Rationalization
Launching a systemic, globally concerted answer, with top-priority, to this.
Read also UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2017
Rural Revitalization - World Movement Project
SocietalSystem Central Socio-economy Focus
Pilote Regions
Alentejo, Portugal - Essaouira Province, Morocco

Brasov, Romania - Lomela, DR Congo - Boffa, Guinée ( Conakry ) - Kpalimé, Togo - Algarve, Portugal - Sintra, Portugal
Bakony, Hungary - Dunakanyar, Hungary - Chios Island, Greece - Utrecht Province, Netherlands - Limburg Province, Flanders Belgium 
Mindelo Island, Cape Verde - Azores, Portugal - Lumumbashi Area, RD Congo - Bandundu, RD Congo - , Mozambique
Nigera - Senegal - Gambia - Liberia - Burkina Faso - Cameroon - Madagascar - Turkey - Vermont, USA - Freiburg Area, Germany
Québec, Canada - ..

These regions are also potential priority seats of a Global StS-Entity
Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites+Sets
Capacitating Citizens and Local-Regional Entities
SocietalSystem Central Driver

SocietalSystem ( StS ) Mission
A proactive citizens' staged collaborative down-up "Coûp d'Etat Mental"

Diagram "SocietalSystem" Societal Function
Replacing the 20th century top-down techno-mercantilist status quo
by the 21st century convivial societal organization model.
Eradicating, externally steered, sovereign, enterprise and citizen's debt and other inappropriate dependencies
by national, regional and local sustainable and inclusive socio-economy dynamics.
By empowering citizens to take on their personal responsability for creating a better world.

Launch the debate, question your friends, family and collegues,
as well your elected representatives and other main societal actors !
Create a Personal or Professional Own-Domain Site and publish your opinion and findings.

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SocietalSystem ( StS )
Spread the word, save the world ...

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