Existential crisis of Humanity and its Biosphere ?
A complete systemic solution proposal.

SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Operating Complex

“First they call you crazy, then they fight you, then you change the world.”
  SocietalSystem ?

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SocietalSystem ( StS ) Architecture and Dynamics
replacing, towards 2030, the techno-mercantilist, partycratic, linear thinking and standardizing education model of the last 250 years.
The presently most dangerous utopia is the belief that the current society system can correct itself and avoid a collective collapse.
On the other hand, strikes, street manifestations, and the like, will neither produce solutions,
as they miss systemic concepts, as well as local citizens' steered collaborative instruments, infrastructures and initiatives.

Welcome to SocietalSystem ( StS ) !

Key-Components under crowd-research and construction

1. Operating System, Charter and Content Matrix:
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex = Ensemble of all StS-Domains
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Orientation Table currently +- 10 mio doscumets online

2. Central Societal Organization Platform:
Deliberative Societal Governance Organization
up-to the replacement of the United Nations
(S)Elections European Parliament 2024 Agenda Planning Dashboard

3. Socio-economy and Finance Platform:
World Societal Holding

4. Steering Platform:
Global-Local Societal Governance Alliance(s)

5. Participating Platform:
Personal and Professional Own-Domains

6. Proactive Driver:
World Movement for Societal Proactivation of All Citizens and Entities
 Global-Local Societal Personal and Professional Engagement Network

Roadmap thinking exercise
: 2020+; Constructing the Info-ICT System

2021-2024: launching pilot applications, preparing intervention at EP Elections 2024
> 2025 Implosion of world finance system - preparing regional networks of local communities
> 2030: replacing strategic entities, halting degradation, introducing restoring programs ....

SocietalSystem Conceptors Platform
SocietalSystem.Global Thinktank
Join it, it's our world and our future. No planet B, no re-exam.

The year 2030 is the point-of-no-return for the survival of the biosphere. According the UN.
Read-translate this interview with biologue Gerardo Ceballos ( summer 2020 ).


Conditios-sine-qua-non for containing and avoiding
or at least radically reducing any pandemic, and the final implosion of the biosphere, read life on earth:

bringing production and consumption within the world's nature bounderies and humans' socio-psychology capacity.

This implies roughly, reducing with 50 % international trade, international short-term tourism,
personal cars and car transport, meat production and consumption, water consumption,
80 % of all commercial packaging,.
closing of stock markets and other speculative platforms, disconnected from the real economy, etc.
All these measures do not need "finance", on the contrary,
they liberate real finance for the real
Time to stop cognitive dissonance.

250-Years Cycle Cognitive Revision Program
StS-Transition Plan 2020-2030

SocietalSystem ( StS ) is not a "website".
It is an innovative new concept,
in essence, a new Discipline, Platform and Method
of Societal-Systemic Organization and Way of Life
societally proactive, environmentallly viable and worldwide socially inclusive, as well as a dito Way of Life.

It should, towards 2030,
replace the techno-mercantilist and partycratic model of the last 250 years.
Before reacting on the proposed concepts and projects throughout SocietalSystem,
please read first and study the Cognitive Bias section in Wikipedia !
Read-study also: Mental-Societal Age -
Cognition System

The real, societal, globalization could now have started,
in which every citizen is in some way co-responsable for all citizens, worldwide,

and in which each entity is co-responsable for each entity, worldwide.
For example, protecting and defending one's own nationals by trade unions, must evolve towards including all workers, worldwide.
As it is now, it seems more an application, on global level, of so-called extreme-right nationalists per country. Kind of
" Own workers first ! "
The other terrain, apart of the social, is of course the environment, it's conservation is worldwide or nowhere.
Another needed rectification, in the form of a question:
why most governments are listening to experts in virology, with the application of draconian measures,
and not to climate experts, although climate destruction and air pollution is causing already now
millions of deaths per year, about 25.000 deaths, PER DAY ! ?

Ironically, air pollution seems exactly to be the main "facilitator" for the coronavirus !
And vaccines, how useful perhaps in the short term, could have a iatrogenic effect on the whole health situation,
being an alibi for systemic change, our way of living and working.

Vaccine after vaccine, against pandemic after pandemic, will end in a hopeless low resistance of most of humanity
See also: Call for a New World System

Terminal Risks for Humanity's Survival or for Mass Extinctions
Ranking from highest probability and terminal impact potential.

1. Environmental destruction  2. Nuclear war  3. Socio-economy disruption > violent revolutions  4. Hunger  5. Earth quakes + tsunamies 
6. Water shortage  7. High-Tech, Robotization and AI abuse or deviation  8.Outer space object collusion with earth 
Pandemies  10. The earth's electromagnetic radiation "burning"
. 11. Earth axis shift
Study now what are the respective drivers, and compare what efforts are being done
to systemically prevent the menaces, individually and collectively ?

This is principally the combined result of fake sciences economics, speciality mba's, and law, as thought the last centuries,
falsely justifying combined partycracy and keynesian driven techno-mercantilism and finance.

250 Years Timeline. Current historic choice. ( choice, ancient greek = crisis )

Download, updated+corrected, Diagram Societal Systemic Reset 2020-2030
Replacing outdated concepts including: democracy, capitalism-socialism, progressive, 'growth', etc.
avoiding to use privacy abusing online platforms, ...
Introducing applied global awareness, including locating "poverty":  Calculate your world income position.

Where is your position now and future direction, on the curves on the above diagram ?

Top Transition Survey 2020-2030, for Individuals and Collectivities. Shortly online
Reveal your shocking reality and related societal-systemic transition opportunities.

( Ancient greek for revelation = apocalypse )

Main StS-Components
See the Centrial Triad Flow on the table below.
> 1. StS-DataBank with millions of modulable documents on all societal aspects of all local-global geo-territories.
free to visit, download and replicate.
 Plus, online interactive connection and exchange platforms.
> 2. Platform for Proactive Citizens' steered Deliberative Societal Governance
and (S)Elections programs.
including Network of Local StS-Societal Centers in all 3.000.000 villages and urban neighborhoods of the world.
> 3. Creating World Societal Holding of socio-economy Networks in all 10.000+ e-Regions of the world
> Extra. Platform of Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites and Offline Sets,
free of external meddling and with exclusive exploitation rights, for all world citizens and entities.

Mind opening StS-Terminology
What's in a word ? A whole world !
* SocietalSystem avoid terms that are outdated and/or violated as:
democracy, marketing, socialism, capitalism, competition, mercantilist profit, growt, GDP,
'target' groups,
opposition, majority-minority, military language terms,
* SocietalSystem introduces new terms as:
societal, panergetic,
convivial, ...

Diagram for research and deliberation.

Download the Diagram Societal Impasse > Systemic Solutions

Top measures, to apply simultaneously worldwide before 2030, to avoid Humanity's extinction before the end of this century,
with already unbearable ecological, economic and social environments, as well as ungovernable administrations, before 2050:

Read-First: Mental-Societal Age - Cognition System
Stop personal cars construction, stop mega-mono-agriculture, stop all societally non-vital construction plans,
reduce commercial packaging with 75 % ( plastic or paper, whatever ),
close stock markets and forbid derivatives transactions,
massive transition towards vegetarianism, massive rural revitalization and re-migration city > countryside, massive re-migration north > south,
clustering and societalization of global and national corporate enterprises, replacing party politics by deliberative societal governance,
transforming 50 % of all urban streets in green convivial zonings, replacing the united nations organization by a geo-territorial and sectoral societalsytem body,
declaring void all money parked in tax heavens, construct a global-local societal holding for radically e-rationalization of regional-local centered economy,
applying a panergetic tax-bonus on all property not properly used properly used, an overhaul of national sovereignty for all global matters as environment and social welfare,
total withdrawel of all military presence in other countries, ...

Your 2020-2030 proposals here: ..... ( link to your own-domain-site )

Systemic key-initiatives to trigger these measures:

replacing GDP by the panergetic index, and mercantilist prices by panergetic prices.
Key-Note: the current economic and financial crisis
cannot be resolved with "finance", in the current sense of the term,
but with another societal organization system and way of life.

It must absolutely stop considering people as consumption marketing "targets" !
It must absolutely stop considering people as investment objects on the labour "market" !

Soon online:

Top World Measures 2020-2030 Survey, with Application per Country, Region, ...
Top World Measures 2020-2030 Presentation WorkBook, with versions per Country, Region, ...
Top World Measures 2020-2030 Crowd-Conferences and Workshops

Who can do what to induce the research, deliberations, decision and implementation of the proposed measures,
with real impact, globally, regionally and locally ?

Public Institutions - Enterprises - NGOs - Schools - Media - Citizens
Tools soon online.

Indeed, in shocking times, only shocking truths are real,
and only shocking projects and proposals are realistic.


Solution ?
Global-Local Societal Engagement Network.
Projected to launch  in the autumn of 2020.
Join to conceive and spread it.

SocietalSystem-Oneliners. Selection.

Ongoing updates.

radical from latin radix = root, system, ..
Download the Presentation Series 75+ StS-One-Liners ppt version
Download the Presentation Series 75+ StS-One-Liners pdf version

New September 2020
SocietalSystem Global Consortium Cluster-Proposals
An integrated set of concrete proposals, simultaneously and open, to a series of real entities.

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Update: 27.09.2020


SocietalSystem ( StS )