In shocking times, only shocking proposals and projects are realistic.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 
Proactive Citizens' steered
Humanity's New Operating Complex
Global-Local crowd-platform of the now emerging, post-mercantilist, societal organization system,
proposed to
be worldwide launched towards 2025, and to locally-globally be in place in 2030,
avoiding a point-of-no-return for the earth's biosphere and for humanity's well-being and


Doomsday Clock Position 2019, "2 minutes to midnight" ( january 25 2019 news item ).
Military explosion, Climate, ( + Finance and Social ) implosion, humanity's existential threats.
Time to choose for vital necessities, and drastically reduce spending time, space, money and energy to no-necessities and corrective expenses,
making-up more than 50 % of the industrial and emerging economy countries' GDP. 

Read systemic StS-Proposals, individual and collective, at the last paragraph below "Climate Change of Mind and Matter".

Comment s'aligner sur un trajectoire 1.5° C ? dans
A series of very concrete measures !

Avoiding the storm: Climate change and the financial system
My message today is simple. Climate change poses significant risks to the economy and to the financial system,
and while these risks may seem abstract and far away, they are in fact very real, fast approaching, and in need of action today.
Speech, 15 april 2019, by Sarah Breeden, Executive Director, International banks Supervision, Bank of England

"Failing to adjust = failing to exist"
( Bank of England Head to the world's finance sector, april 2019 )

Only rebellion will prevent an ecological collapse.
No one is coming to save us. Mass civil disobedience is essential to force a political response.

Gerge Monbiot, april 2019

For a peaceful mass movement to succeed,  maximum of 3,5 % of the population needs to mobilise.
Research by Erica Chenoweth

World finance analysis, cfr. Peak Prosperity.
April 2019

Year 2020: Pluto-Saturn Conjunction.
Dominique Humen

If, after reading the above and similar articles, you just go on with your life as before,
than, there is a problem ....


Core of the SocietalSystem Transition 2030 Recommandations,
for crowd-research and deliberation

* Locally and personnally towards 2025

Stop working for or buying products and services that are a thread to the biosphere's survival
and/or imply degradation of human health and social dignity, anywhere in the world.
Create convivial zones in cities and countryside, all regionally connected.
Avoid buying from the outside what locally can be produced.
Share locally every equipment that requires high levels of energy consumption, as cars and washing machines.
Switch to local, vegetarian food, as much as possible organically grown.
Invest most of your time, space, logistics, know-how and money,
in local convivial socio-economy,
this will soon turn-out to be the safest insurance for creating jobs, retirement, and for surviving for all.

Desinvest as much as possible in stock market shares and public bonds, partially as well in personal bank savings.

* Globally and politically, towards 2030

Top: Replace the GDP, fake quality indicator, by the Panergetic Index.
And correct mercantilist prices with panergetic values..
Make full transparency an obligation in all local-global public governance and related documents.
Stop all forms of quantitative easing. Stop or strongly restrict bank laveraging margins.
Clear all sovereign debt together with an interdiction of local-to-global governements have debt.
Avoid gradually buying, importing goods and services from countries

that not proactively engage in systemic societal transition, including envoronmental respect,

social inclusion and panergetic subsidiary socio-eonomy..

Switch from business or nonprofit competition to complementarity, regionally and globally.
A realistic, radical reform of all trade, not at least internally. .
And it would provide 50 % of worldwide climate change solutions.

Make community-building, including convivial rural zones and convivial urban streets, a top policy priority.
Top priority: massive rural convivial revitalization in the whole of Africa, up to 5 trillion euro towards 2025,
to stop economic immigration in Europe, and to avoid dangerous desertification of the continent..
Abolish interests on finance.

Contribute to building a multi-polar world.
Withdraw all foreign military presence from each country.
Deconstruct all military alliances replacing them by a global, UN-lead, supervizion.

Reform the United Nations into a Global Societal System Platform.
Create an open follow-up list of all politicians with evaluation of their (in)action in relation to the local-global societal challenges;
including systemic thinking and planning, realistic indicators, climate change and the environment in general,
social inclusion, cultural development, etc..

  * For SocietalSystem to be implemented in a geo-territory,
the proactive start cooperation of only 1 % of its population is sufficient.

Be one of them.

Does your (own-domain)website carry similar listings ?
Let us know, we will link them here.

Do you dispose of arguments to contradict the above recommandations ?
Publish them on your (own-domain)website, we will link them here.


Currently under construction
Series of SocietalSystem Societal Transition and Organization Proposals and Packages

per Geo-Territory, Sector, Discipline, Societal Entity Category, etc
Open to add your proposals, projects, produts and services.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) Packages include:
* Links throughout the StS-DataBank, 2.000.000+ documents online, hundreds of millions projected
* Presence at StS-Events, including Conferences, Workshops, Master Training Courses, 
* Your entiti object of Excursions
* Stand and Presentations at StS Expo-Congresses
* Coaching creating Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites+Sets
* StS-Licenses per Geo-Territory or Topic, including StS-Master Training Courses
start fee from only 10.000 € per geo-territory

* e-Rationalization Coaching for Professional Entityes
* Supply of Products and Services to StS-Entities, specially StS-Holding Socio-economy Networks
* Coaching of Societal Clustering of Societal Sectors ( = connecting Public Institutions + Enterprises + NGOs
+ Schools + Media + Citizens, per Geo-Territory and Sector, introducing complementarity to replace competition )

* Projecting and implementing Green Convivial Streets ( tens of millions worldwide )
* Projecting and Implementing Convivial Rural Zones ( millions worldwide )
* Elaboration of Modulable Documents
* Elaboration of Societal Panergetic Business Plans
* Creative Job Searching Coaching
* Societal Coaching of Start-up ( most start-ups fail because of a lack of societal connection )
* e-Rationalization Plans for all kind of Societal Entities and Geo-Territories
( the underlying sine-qua-non for a realistic development and medium term faisibility of all of them )

* Training of all kind of Professionals for Societal Transition, Networking, Sharing, etc.
* Coaching creation of Local Enterprising Association
 ( needed but missing almost in avery minor region or municipality )

* ..., without any obligation,
for a package for your public institution, enterprise, civil society organization,
school media outlet, and for you, citizen.


Current StS-Highlight
, spring 2019
Local ctizens' driven initiative.

Bastos, Convivial Rural Zone project, Silves, Algarve, Portugal
Project for systemic societal transition and organization, applied to a model micro-locality, 15 km².
Welcome to join and apply the concept to your or another of the 5.000.000 or so micro-localties of the world.
Featuring 400+ modulable files, including table-files and presentations up to per m, of the area,
in order to identify all its immense socio-economy and sustainable investment potential, not yet developed.
Workshops and Training Courses at your place available on request.

limao.jpg   bastos005.jpg    bastos003.jpg


Green Convivial Urban Streets
Thinking Model: Rues Vertes Conviviales, Quartier Anneessens
Transformer env. 25 % des rues du Quartier Anneesesn, en Rues Vertes Conviviales
Une réduction spectaculaire de pollution, énergie, problèmes sociaux, problèmes de santé, 
et une création de centaines d'emplois locaux ou chez soi.
Un réduction considérable des dépenses personnelles et familiales


SocietalSystem offers exclusive exploitation Licenses per "e-region" in the world, including all related projects,
i.e. regions with a coherent ecologic, economic and cultural coherence as there are more than 10.000 in the world,
including the construction of a matrix of min. 25.000 documents on the e-region,
and a 50 hours intensive Master Training Course for 10-15 research-editors and managers, in the given region.

Once a partnership agreement is concluded, the related platform goes online, with the StS-server-codes handed to the partners.

We also welcome facilitators and organizers of urban+rural based 1-2 months StS-Master Training Courses for 10-15 participants,
specially in Portugal, Morocco and Brazil.

Send your references to
You will recieve,
on your selected items, a set of documents, to print and/or to distribute by mail for taking on, proposing and negotiating partnerships.
SocietalSystem will also itself proactively contact potential partners for any of the geo-territories, projects or StS-Entities.


Don't waste time and energy trying to attack or change it.


Près des trois quarts des citoyens de l'UE estiment que leur système politique national
ou le système de l'UE est en panne, ou les deux le sont ", a-t-il déclaré. El Pais 23.04.2019

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