In shocking times, only shocking truths are real,
and only shocking projects and proposals are realistic.

SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Operating Complex

A growing movement to counter the destructive impact of the techno-mercantilist trend of the last decades,
yes centuries,
is taking off worldwide.
However, it is still very dispersed and lacking a "societal operating system",
including modulable documents to capacitate citizens everywhere to survey,
deliberate and implement viable and inclusive solutions, parcel-per-parcel, street-per-street.

Welcome to SocietalSystem ( StS )
A unique crowd-platform for societal re-engineering.

"The problem is, once the real-world climate problem becomes impossible to ignore,
there will be draconian policies put in place."

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StS-Complex under development
projected to be ready for crowd-construction towards 2020,
driving a global-local societal systemic transition plan 2020-2030
StS-Foundation and StS-Fund
StS-DataBank - StS-Societal Program - StS-Holding Socio-economy
Connection Platform between Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites
Local-Global Societal, Deliberative and Citizens' steered Co-Governance Platform,
gradually replacing party politics and  radically e-rationalizing  public administrations
See also
StS-Site UN SDG Sustainable Development Goals 2030 - StS-Site Climate Change
Extensive material for follow-up, research, governments, business and school applications of the given programs.

Soon online
Meta Crowd-Pogram 2020-2030 for a Societal Revision and Shift

of all Philosophical and Mental Concepts, Governance and Management Methods, Laws, Treaties,
Disciplines, Professions, Societal Sectors, Societal Entities, Products, Services and  Events.
Roughly every 250 years mankind lives a major change in the roots of its existence.
Now is the time for a new experience, this time a survival defining one.
Top of the revision topics: the twin Discipline Economlics and Discipline Law,
both outdated, and btw since ever, based on a series of aberrations, say clothes of the emperor.

See also: Panergetic Index to replace GDP as economy quality indicator,
the central radical transition feature in economy, finance, governance and social relations, all together.
Note: the UN SDG 2030 still consider the GDP as quality indicator, by which all its, necessary, objectives are only very superficially applicable. 
StS-Dossiers soon online.
Thousands of societal research and innovation entities and millions of dito people

should proactively take part in this massive historic endeavour.

Current pilot Geo-Territories under development
Région de Wallonie, Belgique
Région, Provinces, Communes, Quartiers, Villages, Rues, Parcelles et Terrains
StS-DataBank, StS-Programme Sociétal, StS-Holding

Actuellement 140.000 documents en ligne,
y inclus fichiers web, excel, powerpoint, databases et photos.

Namur Capitale, Wallonie, Belgique

Plan de Transition Sociétale Systémique 2020-2030, Région de Wallonie
Un ensemble unique intégré pour analyser, répertorier et résoudre concrètement,
en crowd-mode par quartier et village,
les problèmes de, entre autre, changement climatique, exclusion sociale,
relations nord-sud et dérives financières.

Région de Bruxelles, Belgique
Province d'Essaouira, Maroc
Province de Ouarzazate, Maroc

Região Algarve, Portugal

Concelho de Lagos, Região Algarve, Portugal
World Societal Workshops Program in preparation
Algarve, Portugal
Projected to be organized from 2020.

New, Autumn 2019, under crowd-construction:
StS-Intro Set  and Pilot-Territories

In chocking times, only chocking proposals and projects are realistic.
SocietalSystem Open Proposals to potential Global Partners
in order to constitute a Global StS-Consortium
preparing the creation of the Global StS-Foundation and StS-Enterprise.
Participate, suggest partners and areas of partnership.


Uplifting humanity's mental-societal age, from its current 4-5 year ... Vital for its survival.

SocietalSystem's core objective.

Background as well of all Societal Workshops. See above.
Update: 20.02.2020

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