In shocking times, only shocking proposals and projects are realistic.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 
Proactive Citizens' steered
Humanity's New Operating Complex
Global-Local platform of the now emerging, post-mercantilist, societal system.

Paricipate proactively at the crowd-construction program
of the project for a new societal operating system for Humanity.

Site, Presentation, Table-file, Multicriteria DataBase and Printed Workbook.
Introductory conferences and workshops on request, worldwide.
SocietalSystem Crowd-Research, Editing and Master Training Courses, along with Rural Revival Holidays, in the Algarve, Portugal
Details soon available. Keep informed: send a mail to

Download the current version of the SocietalSystem General Presentation Workbook.
File under permanent change.


Doomsday Clock Position 2019, "2 minutes to midnight" ( january 25 2019 news item ).
Military explosion, Climate, ( + Finance and Social ) implosion, humanity's existential threats.
Time to choose for vital necessities, and drastically reduce spending time, space, money and energy to no-necessities and corrective expenses,
making-up more than 50 % of the industrial and emerging economy countries' GDP. 

Read systemic StS-Proposals, individual and collective, at the last paragraph below "Climate Change of Mind and Matter".

Also to read absolutely:
Comment s'aligner sur un trajectoire 1.5° C ? dans
A series of very concrete measures !

And this as well:


Root systemic measure for transition towards a viable and inclusive society model:
Replace, gradually towards 2030, the GDP by the Panergetic Index
and Mercantilist Prices by Panergetic Prices,
by adding, VAT-type, the past, present and future corrective expenses throughout the whole lifecycle of any product, service and event.
All projects and initiatives have no societally systemic impact, without applying this.

Paricipate at the SocietalSystem Societal Crowd-Research Program
including the study of the Panergetic Index and Price System, Societal Applications of all School Disciplines and Trainings,
Street and Road Surveys, Parcel-per-Parcel, Socio-economy Opportunities per Region and Small Locality, etc.
Every higher education institute should take part in this program,
and every higher education student should spend some hours per week at the application
of SocietalSystem to its disciplines and courses.

All local governments
should organize
periodical societal street surveys implicating all local entities and citizens,
per neighborhood and village, to finally dispose of a permanent Collaborative Societal Observatory of their area,
indispensable to replace the rather improvized governance method of today by a systemic e-rational model.

All well-intended initiatives against climate change and other societal problems, without the above approaches,
risk to exactly reinforce the entities and methods that are opposed.
All mediatization of the same initiatives, including public manifestations and strikes, without the above approaches,
are easily manipulated and deviated from their objectives.
Using so-called social, but mercantilist networks for inducing transition is one of the current major traps
well-intended organizations fall, worsen the situation and perpetuate the impasse before reaching the point of-no-return.

Read systemic StS-Proposals, individual and collective, at the last paragraph below "Climate Change of Mind and Matter".


Highlight, February 2019
The affair with the minister of environment of the government of the Flanders region of Belgium
obliged to quit after a fake declaration on the manifestations for measures against climate change,
has made it clear how far politicians are manipulated to avoid taking the necessary, unavoidable measures
on climate and many other issues.

A radically other way of (S)elections and governance has to be put in place.
See link on European Parliament Election 2019 below.


Important reminder: is not a "website", but a collaborative platform for crowd-research, study,
societal governance deliberations and decisions, and, ultimately, for generating and managing viable socio-economy solutions.

The main content in is the bulk of modulable table-files,
work presentations and databases for download, applications and replications.

"Societal" = covering all sectors of society and personal life. Not to confuse with social = human well-being.
"System" = integrated complex of conventions, communication instruments, infrastructures and initiatives.
Governments do not steer society as a whole, they organize public domain products, services and events for a given geo-territory.
Steering society is each citizens' de facto responsability.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) is proposed as its systemic platform.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) is a proactive collaborative societal organization platform,
in its structure, content as well in its applications.

It is composed of a databank of modulable documents on all global-to-local geo-territories, a crowd-research, education and deliberation program,
as well as a holding of regional networks of local complementary socio-economy micro-entities.

SocietalSystem has been researched and tested in parts in or on the following countries,
all related material, thousands of modulable documents, to be integrated in the renewed StS-Platform.
In: Belgium, France, Hungary, Portugal, Morocco, Brazil, Cape Verde, Greece, Roumania, ...
On, with related nationals: DR Congo, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Central African Republic,
Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Guiné Conakry, Guiné-Bissau, Netherlands,
United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Italy, Spain, ...


Highlights January 2019 - Sites online, currently 2.000.000+ documents.
Hundreds of modulable files to download > replicate > personalize, format excel, powerpoint and more.
Região Algarve, Portugal incl. Sites of 16 Concelhos- Municipalities e 18/67 Freguesias-Sub-Municipalities of the region, all to follow
Région de Bruxelles incl Sites of 19 Communes-Municipalities + Selection Quartiers-Neighborhoods , all 145 to follow
Royaume du Maroc
- Province Essaouira, Maroc - e-Région Ouarzazate, Maroc - e-Région Marrakech, Maroc
 World Societal Platform - Guiné Conakry - Europe Continent - Africa Continent - Brasil - Togo
Concelho Mértola, Alentejo, Portugal - Concelho Montemor-o-Novo, Alentejo, Portugal
European Union incl Elections 2019 - Pan-European Regions Network Project - etc.

Table-files and presentations soon available for download and crowd-edit.
SocietalSystem Global Training Program 2019-25, in Algarve, Portugal Project
On the Homepage of each of the above listed geo-territory, a screenshot of the

Folder Societal Transition Plan 2025 + Diagram Workdshops, Master Training and Rural Revitalization Courses, + links to the sites,
for StS-Supervisors,
Research-Editors, Managers, Coaches and Freelancers for the given country or region,
organized throughout 2019-2025, in the Algarve region, Portugal.
Attendants can recieve an StS-License for, and implement SocietalSystem, with SubLicenses, in their area.
For the EU-Countries and Regions, special emphasis on a-partypolitics intervention plan,
in the margin of the European parliament Elections May 2019, and during the legislation period 2019-2024.

Algarve, Portugal, where, 500 years ago, the globalization was conceived and launched.

Global Societal Transition Roadmap, starting from the Algarve,
as did the globalization era in the 15th century.
Algarve > Portugal > European Union > Europe Continent > Lusophonia > World

Extra effect: preserving Algarve's economy potential in the approaching post-petroleum and kerosene abundant era,
driving its current conventional tourism.

StS-Plan 2019-25 Algarve > World
Platform under construction.

Algarve StS-Plan 2019-25 > World Geo-Territories Outline

A powerfull unique tool, also for research and steering current conventional tourism !
with soon available Table-File, Presentation File and DataBase-File
See also:
"Algarve" occurrence in 200+ World Internet Extensions via Google Search
a unique, surpsising tool for the discovery of all world countries entities' linking to the Algarve
World Countries Tourism to the Algarve Outline
A unique platform, featuring 200+ Pages, one per country

Linked to the StS-Plan Algarve > World 2019-25

European Parliament Elections 2019 and 2019-2024 Legislature -
World Geo-Territories Interventions and Impact Outline

with soon available Table-File, Presentation File and DataBase-File


European Parliament Elections May 2019 - StS-Interventions

SocietalSystem is looking for Supervisors in each Eu-Country and Region,
with special attention and features to the European Parliament Elections in May 2019.
Interested ? Mail your references to
See also:
EU Citizens' steered Societal Deliberations and Elections 2019 Plan


It is now crystal clear, as SocietalSystem, and preceeding platforms, prentend since 40 years,
that the GDP-concept and the GDP-Growth based model related free market economics and MBA teachings,
as well as its inherent private and public production and consumption model, are, and have been,
systemically wrong, with now desastrous consequences for man and the biosphere..

See UN-ordered research projet and latest ICCP Special Climate report oct. 2018,
apart of a Europe-wide academics petition for leaving the growth model, before reaching an irreversible point-of-no-return.

Please also 'read first': Cognitive Bias, Wikipedia. A must discipline as well at the start of all higher education programs.
And feel free to test any teacher on this !
An example of a recent, aberrant description of the current world economy, to implode by the above mentioned initiatives.
Some of the commentaries reveal that there are still a number of people with holistic, realistic understanding.

What is missing still however, is a viable societal system matrix and systemic transition plan,
one that induces the change of the core itself of most societal problems, the western style of private consumption.

Welcome to SocietalSystem ( StS ).


Top Priority Meta-Projects 2019-25
Model Algarve, Portugal, to spread worldwide.
The set of initiatives that most directly and systemically, will realize the UN SDG Goals 2030,
largely resolve the migration crisis, save the earth's biosphere
and introduce citizens' steered local-global crowd-governance.

StS-Holding Socio-economy, Algarve
Network Rural Hostels, Algarve - Network Rural Revival Villages, Algarve
Rural Revitalization Packages, World -
Rural Revitalization Packages, Portugal

In preparation:
StS-Master Training Courses and Societal Workshops Program 2019-25 in the Algarve,
for Research-Editors, Managers and Coaches of Societal Projects, worldwide.

Download Folheto Português StS-Holding Rede Hosteís Rurais e Aldeias de Reviver Rural, Algarve
Download English Flyer 
StS-Holding Network Rural Hostels and Rural Revival Villages, Algarve
Download Dépliant Français StS-Holding Réseau Hostels Ruraux et Villages de Revivre Rural, Algarve
Download Vouwblad Nederlands StS-Holding Netwerk Rurale Hostels en Rurale Revivel Dorpen, Algarve


In shocking times, only shocking proposals and projects are realistic.
Climate Change of Mind and Matter

Top Inevitable and Evident Local-Global Systemic Measures to "save the world"
as well as next generation's most people's life.

1. Replace GDP and dito Growth indicators by the Panergetic Index and Growth Indicators
( which counts with personal and collective corrective expenses, up to 50 % of western GDPs )

2. Replace mercantilist prices by panergetic prices ( include environmental, sanitary, social and other inherent corrective expenses along their whole lifecycle ).
In that case the following companies, or their current products and services, will almost disappear, as their corrective expenses are more than 50%, read 75 % of their market prices:
Ikea, Coca-Cola, Monsanto, Nestlé, McDonalds, Danone, 50% of all cars, cellphones and home electro appliances, 75 % of all industrial food, tobaco products, you name it ...
This is all based on academic studies, available online.
Research StS-Dossiers on all these and dozens of other brands in preparation, for Deliberations, Sensibilization Campaigns, Creating Alternatives, etc.

3. Shift massively to vegetarianism, which does not exclude animal food be it in small proportion
4. Stop interest, positive or negative, on finance
Bank services should be paid as any other service.
5. Stop consumer credit
6. Stop the stock markets, as they are at present day,
they have nothing more to do with economic production values, as they where originally in the 18th century

7. Eat local seasonal food
8. Do not import what locally can be produced. Change the local economy in this sense.
9. Conceed substancial fiscal and other bonusses to all kinds of sharing, recycling, repairing, re-using on local level,
as well as for transfers of estate property to local open commons platforms.
Top demystifier: electric cars, etc. will not resolve climate change !
a. ( petrol and electric ) cars consume 75+ % of their energy before driving their 1st kilometer ...
b. traffic jams are the same with petrol or electric cars...
c. the bulk of energy sources of electricity in the world is ...non-renewable resources, and worse, nuclear plants ...
10. Replace competition by complementarity, specially per region
> Reorganize local economies in this sense.
11. Integral transparency, verifyable by any citizen, of all public governance affairs and documents
and of all enterprise and nonprofit, financial transactions, idem for all private transactions of more than, say, 10.000 € per month.
All doctoral theses, master and other studies to be related to local-global priority societal issues.
Facilitate naturism, physically and mentally healthy and strongly ecologic, in appropriate sites,
as already in urban parks in Berlin, Paris, beaches in Portugal, etc ....
14. Apply a "Panergetic Discount System", as providing rebates and facilities for people who for example don't smoke,
don't drink Coca-Cola, buy local products, etc.
15. Replace the so-called social networks by privately owned and edited Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites,
keeping full ownership of all content, not abusing privacy, and free to exploit commercially, without any commission or intervention, within the local laws.
Stop using Facebook, Twitter, etc.
15. Your proposal

Do the Survey, personally and with your family, friends, collegues.
soon online.
Construct the StS-Platform for you Village, Neighborhood, City, Region, Country or Continent
Organize Deliberations > Decisions
Don't wait for governements to take the needed initiatives, they are not free to act.
Also manifestations alone, without a systemic solutions platform, will not do it.

Doomsday Clock Position 2019, 2 minutes to midnight.
Military explosion, Climate, ( + Finance and Social ) implosion, humanity's existential threats. Accélérateur de Transformation Responsable
Proposition concrètes.


SocietalSystem offers exclusive exploitation Licenses per "e-region" in the world, including all related projects,
i.e. regions with a coherent ecologic, economic and cultural coherence as there are more than 10.000 in the world,
including the construction of a matrix of min. 25.000 documents on the e-region,
and a 50 hours intensive Master Training Course for 10-15 research-editors and managers, in the given region.

Once a partnership agreement is concluded, the related platform goes online, with the StS-server-codes handed to the partners.

We also welcome facilitators and organizers of urban+rural based 1-2 months StS-Master Training Courses for 10-15 participants,
specially in Portugal, Morocco and Brazil.

Send your references to
You will recieve,
on your selected items, a set of documents, to print and/or to distribute by mail for taking on, proposing and negotiating partnerships.
SocietalSystem will also itself proactively contact potential partners for any of the geo-territories, projects or StS-Entities.

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