An existential paradigm shift, as evident as inevitable.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 
Proactive Citizens' steered
Humanity's Operating Complex
Global-Local platform of the now emerging, post-mercantilist, societal system.

It is now crystal clear, as SocietalSystem, and preceeding platforms, prentend since 40 years,
that the GDP-concept and the GDP-Growth based model related free market economics and MBA teachings,
as well as its inherent private and public production and consumption model, are, and have been,
systemically wrong, with now desastrous consequences for man and the biosphere..

See UN-ordered research projet and latest ICCP Special Climate report oct. 2018,
apart of a Europe-wide academics petition for leaving the growth model, before reaching an irreversible point-of-no-return.

Please also 'read first': Cognitive Bias, Wikipedia. A must discipline as well at the start of all higher education programs.
And feel free to test any teacher on this !
An example of a recent, aberrant description of the current world economy, to implode by the above mentioned initiatives.
Some of the commentaries reveal that there are still a number of people with holistic, realistic understanding.

What is missing still however, is a viable societal system matrix and systemic transition plan,
one that induces the change of the core itself of most societal problems, the western style of private consumption.

Welcome to SocietalSystem ( StS ).

"Societal" = covering all sectors of society and personal life. Not to confuse with social = human well-being.
"System" = integrated complex of conventions, communication instruments, infrastructures and initiatives.
Governments do not steer society as a whole, they organize public domain products, services and events for a given geo-territory.
Steering society is each citizens' de facto responsability.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) is proposed as its systemic platform.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) is a proactive collaborative societal organization platform,
in its structure, content as well in its applications.

It is composed of a databank of modulable documents on all global-to-local geo-territories, a crowd-research, education and deliberation program,
as well as a holding of regional networks of local complementary socio-economy micro-entities.

SocietalSystem has been researched and tested in parts in or on the following countries,
all related material, thousands of modulable documents, to be integrated in the renewed StS-Platform.
In: Belgium, France, Hungary, Portugal, Morocco, Brazil, Cape Verde, Greece, Roumania, ...
On, with related nationals: DR Congo, Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Central African Republic,
Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Guiné Conakry, Guiné-Bissau, Netherlands,
United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Italy, Spain, ...

The SocietalSystem platform and project, featuring millions of modulable documents, is under complete restructuring.
Only the subsite below, under crowd-construction, is currently active.

StS Meta-Catalogue Algarve ( Português - English )
An innovative type of catalogue, inducing the development and spread of initiatives, products and services,
that promote a harmonious transition towards a viable and inclusive world and way of life.

Open to insert links from all over the world.
Intended to be replicated and adapted to all 10.000 or so similar regions in the world.
A prominent investment object and source of thousands of future-proof jobs, worldwide.
Residential training workshops for SocietalSystem editors and managers, worldwide, soon available in the Algarve,
combined with, year-round, exciting tourist, cultural and leisure experiences, for which the Algarve is worldwide known.

Also yours ? For technical data and conditions, please

Prominent StS-Projects in preparation include, non-classified
 * Global-Local-Personal StS-Plan Societal Transition 2025, in parallel with the UN SDg 203 Goals
featuring Rural Revitalization Campaigns, with pilots in Portugal, Morocco and Brazil, etc.
* Worldwide Street Surveys Programs, parcel-per-parcel to study the implementation of a
* StS-Holding of Regional Networks of Local Micro-Enterprises
* Meta-Plan to re-edit in StS-Modulable Formats, all societally relevant open official documents
* Urban Green and Convivial Streets Plan, targeting 20 % of all medium and large cities streets
* StS-Initiative on the European Parliament Elections May-June 2019,
World Societal Governance e-Resort Portugal,

* Substitution of GDP by Panergetic Index Worldwide Research and Test Plan,
* Platform for every citizens' and local entity's Own-Domains site+Set, ....

Global StS-Entities
Societal systemic transition includes a radical, disruptive, reorganization of the current world bodies,
public as well as private, adding a series of now ones.
SocietalSystem Global Foundation, SocietalSystem Central Enterprise,
SocietalSystem Global Crowd-Research Platform,
SocietalSystem Global Communication Enterprise, SocietalSystem Global Holding Enterprise,
SocietalSystem Sectoral Cluster Corporates, one per sector
SocietalSystem Sectoral Cluster Agencies, one per sector
Societal Governance World e-Resort, Societal Governance Continents e-Resorts
Similar StS-Entities are projected per Continent, Country and/or e-Region

Feel free to ask, by mail, a selection of elaborated table or presentation files on any of the given countries or projects.
We will send them to you without any charge or obligation.

SocietalSystem offers exclusive exploitation Licenses per "e-region" in the world, including all related projects,
i.e. regions with a coherent ecologic, economic and cultural coherence as there are more than 10.000 in the world,
including the construction of a matrix of min. 25.000 documents on the e-region,
and a 50 hours intensive Master Training Course for 10-15 research-editors and managers, in the given region.

Once a partnership agreement is concluded, the related platform goes online, with the StS-server-codes handed to the partners.

We also welcome facilitators and organizers of urban+rural based 1-2 months StS-Master Training Courses for 10-15 participants,
specially in Portugal, Morocco and Brazil.

Send your references to
You will recieve,
on your selected items, a set of documents, to print and/or to distribute by mail for taking on, proposing and negotiating partnerships.
SocietalSystem will also itself proactively contact potential partners for any of the geo-territories, projects or StS-Entities.

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