An existential paradigm shift, as evident as inevitable.
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 
Proactive Citizens' steered
Humanity's Operating Complex
A global-local systemic viable replacement for the outdated, techno-mercantilist society model, and dito way of life, of the last centuries.
Proactive citizen steered governance, e-rationally managed, transparent, sharing, recycling, clustering, connecting, inclusive, panergetically sound.

Humanity can be classified into 3 categories, related to their societal implementation,
independent from their wealth, health, income or education degree:

1%: Societal visionaries, researchers, theoretici, conceptors, geo-territorial transition initiators and supervisors,  ...
9 % Societal editors, initiative executors, coordinators, producers, project managers, ...
90 % Users, consumers, participants of the above projects, products, initiatives, ...
Where are you ?

Local view, global dynamics, wholistic inspiration.
StS-Picture, Cork Trees, Alentejo, Portugal
World model region for Rural Revitalization, with a staggering societal investment potential.

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SocietalSystem Key-Sections under open Crowd-Construction

Welcome to participate in the conception, deliberation, elaboration of the documents, and realization of the projects.
Societal System Root Survey
What society we want, what kind of entities, what function in them we wish for ourselves ?
SocietalSystem System Outline
A paradigm shift, as evident as inevitable. A societal disruptive innovation phenomenon.
Concepts, instruments, initiatives and infrastructures. Architecture of a viable societal system.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) General System Diagram
The whole system on one page.
SocietalSystem Unique Features and Arguments
Conceived and deliberated with hundreds of people, and tested in dozens of places, since the transition of the 70s.
Societal Governance Platform
Citizens' driven local-global societal public organization method, tools, plans and programs.
Societal Socio-economy and Finance Platform
Citizens' driven local-global panergetically efficient socio-economyand finance management method, tools and projects.
Societal Learning and Studying Platform
Connecting schools with society, learning systemically throughout our lifetime.

StS-Plan North-Middle-South Concerted Societal Transition 2025

Strategy to put theory into practice, starting with a selection of geo-territories. Any other geo-territory can be added.
Dashboard Pilot Geo-Territories: World, Belgium Regions, Alentejo Region, Portugal, Europe, European Union, Arabia, Morocco, Africa

Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites+Sets Global Campaign

Personal or entity's global identity, personally owned, directed and possibly making profitable, without external meddling.
For every citizen and entity on the planet, with optional preferential connection to the whole SocietalSystem platform.

SocietalSystem Application Packages for Public Institutions, Enterprises, NonProfit Organizations, Schools, Media and Citizens
SocietalSystem Features for all entities in all sectors of society and personal life.

SocietalSystem North-Mid-South Plan Agenda 2020

Monthly pages, all months 2017 > 2020. Similar Agendas per Geo-Territory.
Add your initiatives.

StS-Program Examples,
inducing innovative disruption experiences for participants and their geo-territory, entity, sector, ...

In preparation for Ghent, Brussels, Namur, Belgium - Lisbon, Évora, Portugal - Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira, Morocco
Kpalimé, Lomé, Togo - Kinshasa, Bandundu, Lumumbashi, Lomela, DR Congo - as well as at your place, on request ...

Introductory 1-Day StS-Conference Example, for Brussels, Portugal
Introductory 1-Week StS-Workshops and 1-Month Internship, for Alentejo, Portugal
Societal Street Survey and Societal Observatory Set-up Example, Brussels
SocietalSystem-Master 3-Months Training Example, Casablanca, Morocco

: 19.09.2017

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