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The next stage in research: holistic, complexity driven, participatory, societal impact oriented.
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250-Years Cycle Cognitive Revision Program

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Selection Societal Crowd-Research Programs
to be the top priority in any governance program, worldwide, locally-to-globally,
with the implementation of all schools, local organizations and, not at least, societally proactive citizens.

SocietalSystem Root-Survey
World Streets and Roads Societal Surveys Program

Societal Entities Societal Audits Program
Domestic Societal Check-up Program

Societal (S)Elections Programs
Societal Opinion Polls Program

Societal Monitoring Platforms


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Societale School Projecten Hasselt, België - Projets Scolaires Sociétaux Essaouira, Maroc

SocietalSystem Societal Training and Learning System-Program
> Societal Co-Governance, including Europen Parliament 2014 Elections a-political interventions, 
> Transition to Post-Crisis Convivial Socio-economy and Jobs,
> Local Social Harmonization > North-South Re-levelling > Countryside Revitalization.

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21st Century replacement of the 20th Century Business Schools

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