SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Operating Complex

Date: 13.04.2021 - Start: 12.04.2021 - StSTop: accp - StSFil: st1000

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See also: Societal Governance Alliances Statutes

Project: Creation of a Network of
SocietalSystem Enterprises

for the World, and in each Continent, Country, e-Region ( Province, District, etc. ),
Municipality and Sub-Municipality of the world.

Pilots:  * World, * Europe ( Continent, including the European Union ),  * Belgium, Brussels, Vlaanderen, Wallonie * Portugal, Algarve, Alentejo, Lisboa, Setubal, ...

Statutes of a SocietalSystem entity are different from conventional statutes,
as they are based on holistic thinking,

taking into account a maximum of relations and impacts on any phenomenon, in this case,
on all imput factors, as sources and environmental impacts of energy, etc.
and of its output, as social impacts, locally to globally and on the long term,
of its products, services and events.
The lack of this approach in conventional legislation, and statutes,  results in the degradation of nature,
of world peace, of local conviviality and in the development of pandemics.

Components of the Enterprise Statutes include:
1. Identity
2. Legal form: Limited ( cfr. country law )
3. Name: SocietalSystem Enterprise + Name Geo-Territory

4. Objects of the Enterprise:
5. Operating Executive Functions
6. Finance
7. Staff Functions + SubStaff per Function

8. Operating Events

9. Public Events

1. Identity
1.1 Name, adress of the enterprise
1.2 Name adress personal domain, mail of the founders of the 
1.2 Domainname, Website:of the enterprise
1.3 e-Mail of the 
1.4 Societal Enterprise Charter of the geo-territory,
      for permanent citizens' deliberation and actualization

2. Legal form: Limited ( cfr. country law )
2.1 Cognitive System: exclusive for all documents, worldwide: SocietalSystem ( StS )
2.2 Languages: English + National or Regional language, worldwide

3. Name: SocietalSystem Enterprise + Name Geo-Territory

4. Objects of the Enterprise:
4.1 Proactive support of the elaboration of SocietalSystem ( StS ) Platform in the geo-territory
4.2 Organizae training for citizens' proactive participation at local-global societal governance
4.3 Top-object: Organize permanent (S)Elections and Societal Governance Steering Programs in the geo-territorry
4.3 Constitute list of candidadtes at elections

4.4 Organize campaigns for citizens' steered societal governance
4.5 Steering the constitution of the SocietalSystem Operating Enterprise of the geo-territory
4.6 Creating and organizing the SocietalSystem Fund of the geo-territory,
      product of 50% of the net income and 1 % of the turnover of the SocietalSystem Enterprise

5. Operating Executive Functions
5.2 Secretary Administration Supervisor
5.3 Finance Supervisor
5.4 Communication Supervisor
5.5 General Controller
5.6 StS-DataBank Research-Editing Supervisor
5.7 StS-ICT Supervisor
5.8 StS-Holding Socio-economy Supervisor

6. Finaance
6.1 Investment Objects and Sources
6.2 Revenue Sources
6.3 Expenses Objects
6.4 Taxes
6.5 Reversions to Societal Governance Alliances StS-Fund
     1 % Royalties + 50 % Shares
6.6 ...

7. Staff Functions + SubStaff per Function
7.1 Director General
7.2 Accounting Director
7.3 Communication Director
7.4 Adminstration Director

7.5 Research-Editing Director

8. Operating Events
8.1 Daily Executive Board Meeting
8.2 Monthly Operating Review
6.3  Yearly Operating Congress
6.4 2-Yearly Executive Elections
6.5 ...

9. Public Events
9.1 Periodic Expo-Congresses - Geo-Territorial and Thematic
9.2 Permanent Deliberations
9.3 Governance Proposals Votings
Governance Proposals Petitions
9.5 Public Officers Citizens' Questioning and 


Date: 12.04.2021

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