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SocietalSystem ( StS ) Transition 2025 Campaign

SocietalSystem Operating Charter Key-Options - Not-classified
Selected from the extensive SocietalSystem Operating Charter, in preparation.
* All SocietalSystem related Entities have to strictly apply the SocietalSystem-System Info-ICT, 
including logos, colours, codes, terminology, classifications, layout and dossier structures, software formats and versions.
* SocietalSystem Staff and shareholders' income is regulated according the serpent principle.
 ( = 
correlated minima and maxima, per e-region )
Worldwide maxima: 5.000 € per month net + expenses. Worldwide minima: 500 € per month net + expenses.
* All SocietalSystem-Entities have to exerce activities and produce or deliver products and services with, as much as possible, a positive GlocoIndex.
* All SocietalSystem-Products and Services are to be sold, as much as possible, at their Panergetic Price.
* External financial investments are only accepted with proactive participation by the investors in the related projects.
* Gradually, SocietalSystem-Staff should not use any form of consumption credit.
* SocietalSystem-Staff try to have a way of life with 
a positive GlocoIndex.
* SocietalSystem-Entities can only work with interest-free finance sources. ( cfr Islamic Finance System )
* All  transactions, contacts, connections, reports, results, audits, etc. by or related to any SocietalSystem-Entity and Staff, 
are monthly to be published online and offline in modulable download files and, in the future, controled by the SocietalSystem Foundation.
* 50 % of all net revenue of all SocietalSystem-Entities is to be reversed to the SocietalSystem Global-Local Societal Fund, to be used for societal projects investments,
25 % is to be reversed the SocietalSystem-System and 25 % to the related SocietalSystem-Entities Shareholders.
* e-Regional Convivial Socio-economy Networks and Local Micro-Entities are for 25 % owned by the staff.
* All 
SocietalSystem-Entities have to fully apply official local legal fiscal and social security rules.


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