SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's Operating Complex

Stop using the 1 vs. 99 % alibi !
Join the construction , management and realization of a new viable Societal Organization Platform and Movement.
Proactive citizens with vision welcome for the dozens of leading positions now available.
Blueprint for a systemic, holistic societal organization platform.

"Don't repair a broken system. Create a new one." cfr. Buckminster Fuller.

Trillions of euros are being spent, thousands of enterprises going bankrupt and millions of lives distroyed, many fatally,
by trying to keep the outdated mercantilist system running, resulting in a
complex of war, mega-fraud, violence, mass manipulation and environmental collapse.

Alternatives are growing worldwide, however dispersed and missing a global "system",
leaving full room to top-down mega-entities exploit local resources and human energies.
Pseudo-solutions with, even more dangerous, iatrogenic problems and corrective expenses.

Time to propose a viable model, for research and deliberation,
including imagining a range of global
entities, coordinating the regional and local adapted replications.
See also yhe complementary Societal Governance Transition Proposals, object of the entities' operation
equally with regional and local versions.

See also, complementary: 
Societal Transition Governance Proposals 2025
Societal Transition North-Mid-South Plan 2025


Preliminary version Flyer R/V SocietalSystem Global Entities.

Thinking model for research and deliberative sessions and workshops,
as well as for investment, recruitment and partnerships.

Replicable Table Version, SocietalSystem Global Entities

Table Version, StS-Info-ICT, SocietalSystem Global Entities
Table Version, StS-Partners, SocietalSystem Global Entities

Proactive citizens with vision welcome for the dozens of leading positions now available.


See also Societal Salary System, 
another StS-shift in personal-global finance.


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