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Staging a Mental-Societal Coup d'Etat
After the current Coronavirus phenomenon phades away, we will be in another societal environment, locally-to-globally,
in terms of politics, economy, finance, and human relations.
But then, the main shift will appear, a systemic shock in cognition, including the end of rights and duties as we know now,
property right, the nature of money, the price of goods, family structure, etc.

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Cognition StS Holistic Range
( Thinking model ):
Beyond-3D Perception - Ultra-Mental
( cfr. Intuition, Telepathy, ... )
Mental Non-Linear - Mental Linear
Physical - Infra-Physical
( cfr. Instinct, ... )

Topic Sphere 'Cognition'
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Panergetics and the Replacement of the GDP Indicator

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