SocietalSystem ( StS )

Humanity's New Operating Complex

World Geo-Territories

A new world role for Europe, beyond the European Union,
conceiving, generating and coordinating the world's deliberative societal crowd-governance,
replacing the partycratic, techno-mercantilist driven model of the last 250 years.
European Union Societal Platform
Platform for the crowd-construction of a convivial and sustainable society model, applied to the European Union.

Imagine you are part of a group to concieve a new organization system for the European Union,
within a new system for Europe-Continent and for the World.
Don't imagine, you are part of it.
With SocietalSystem ....

European Union StS-Platform
Key-Components ( SubSites ) 2020-2030
Each Component object of ongoing Workshops and Crowd-Conferences, all connected.
General Societal Multicriteria DataBase European Union 2020-2030 ( on request )

regrouping all files of all Components, in one 3D-Searchable document
Download free: General WorkBook, also for print, European Union 2020-2030
Visualization of all Components, European Union 2020-2030

General Plan
Societal Charters - afa.feu
Societal Systemic Transition Plan 2020-2030 - aacdg.feu
SocietalSystem Operating Entities - awu.feu
Societal Consortium - ati.feu - Societal Applications School Disciplines - xdq.feu
250-Years Cognitive Revision Program - aacdi.feu
Societal Theses - mbm.feu -
Points of Interest - zsb.feu
Societal Governance
> Decisions
StS-Plan European Parliament (S)Elections 2024
Petitions Referendums
Global-Local Exchanges - qxwx.feu
Training Learning
StS-Master Training Programs - mdt.feu

Societal Crowd-Conferences - awy.feu
Societal Workshops - mam.feu
 - Societal Expo-Congresses - mbx.feu

Societal Sectors
Study Disciplines


SocietalSystem ( StS ) European Policy Research and Deliberation Proposal
From a bureaucratic top-down and lobbies-directed European Union
towards a All-Europe-wide, from Portugal to the Ural, complementary network of interdependent soverign nations.
Proposals Highlights
Citizens' Deliberations System with Periodical Referendums - (S)Elections Program
Full Transparency of Finance Contacts and Programmed or Projected Legal Proposals 
Effective Geo-Subsidiarity
- Transition towards Panergetic Index and Price System
Europe : All-inclusive 53 European Countries, from Portugal until the Ural.
No In-Ex International Meddling - Massive Europe-South Rural Development Program
3 Currency Levels-Types: World: Terra - Europe Inter-Nations: Euro - National: Own Currency -
Micro-Local Complementary Currency: eGlocos

Cfr. Bernard Lietaer

Sectoral Sitemap European Union
500+ Pages and Files, ready for Research, Editing and Societal Dynamisation.
Global Exchanges Platform European Union 
Migration, Information, Tourism, Import-Export, .... European Union 
50+ Regional Networks of Local sustainable and convivial Socio-economy.
EU Member Countries Platform
At start, a 15.000+ documents platform per country.

SocietalSystem is looking for Proactive Citizens, in all EU-Countries,
to constitut a Societal Thinktank, conceiving, preparing and launching a
Deliberations > (S)Election 2019 and > Governance Program for a real citizens' driven Societal Transition of Europe
Candidates welcome !
Conferences and Workshops to program throughout Europe.
EU Citizens' steered Societal Deliberations and (S)Elections 2024 Plan

Introducing in practice, with modulable tools and local initiatives,
Citizens' steered Societal Co-Governance of the European Union,
its Member Countries, Regions and Municipalities.

European Parliament
Series: EP Issues - MEPs Members of Parliament
Follow-up Site under construction, per Issue and per MEP

European Commission Meetings Minutes

SocietalSystem Crowd-Construction Program 2015-2020
European Union

EU SocietalSystem
Download latest version Diagram SocietalSystem Crowd-Construction Program 2015-2020, European Union
Extensive Presentations and File Series, including Syllabus, soon online.
A proactive participation in the Crowd-Construction of this SocietalSystem-Platform, at start by only a few thousand people,
could generate a decisive and positive shift of the European Union, create millions of decent jobs, also in other parts of the world,
 and make gradually most of its citizens personally taking part in the sustainable and convivial growth
of their neighborhood, town, city, region, country and continent, and of the world.

The database opens potentially an unparalleled revealing insight in the complexity of society, and in everyone's role and opportunities in it.

Download latest version Diagram SocietalSystem Platform Structure, European Union
Most items are clickable.

SocietalSystem Crowd-Construction Program 2021-2030 European Union
Transition and Post-Crisis Jobs, Business and Investment Opportunities.
Innovative Societal Tasks for Research, Debate, Theses and School Projects.

European Union Societal Campaigns
Integrated sets of innovative initiatives and projects for all interest groups. Site with Syllabus per Section.
SocietalSystem welcomes Campaign Organizers in all EU-Member Countries, Regions and Localities.

Societal Proposals > Transition Plan 2020, European Union
Open Platform for Proposals related to the Societal Development in the short and long term, of the European Union,
Locally to Globally. Parcels, Streets, Neighborhoods, Villages, Municipality. All Sectors and Topics. All Public and Private Entities.

EU Training and Education for All, soon active
Training Program European Union Societal Platform
European Union Societal Platform Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus


Standard Basic Files

also part of all sites, listed above.

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including Links to Member and Partner Countries and to other Global Bodies.

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