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Página Horizontal Diretório Coaches e Consultores Societais, Sul-Oeste Portugal South-West ( português-english )

Redes de Unidades Locais de Visualização, Distritos, Portugal

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Data: 23.04.2020
Autores: SocietalSystem-Editors
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StSNmr StSTop StSFil Topic Online Supervisor Research-Editor Consortium StS-Entity Agenda Remarks

     Each topic below features a Global Central Site, linked on top of the Geo-Territorial Pages, containing an extensive set of references and modulable tools for research, editing, deliberations, training and practical applications.             
00    StS-System Sistema             
*aqzaa9280.aqz StS-Crowd-Research and Construction Program, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
     Meta-initiative for conceiving, editing and implementing a viable societal organization model. A real re-engeneering task for mankind.              
01    StS-Concepts Conceitos             
* aao aa6698.aao SocietalSystem-Conceptus, Portugal x          
     Thinking Models, Holistic Logic, ... The mental and philosopical primary matter of the Societal System platform.             
*afagb3333.afa StS-Operational Charter, Carta Operacional, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
      Values, Principles, Root Conventions, ...             
* ppp aa9814.ppp Panergetic Index and Price System, Sistema de Index e Proço Panergético, Portugal x          

Replacement of the PIB and Prices, adjusted by their energy consumption and generated corrective expenses, over the whole life cycle of products and services, ...

*** bccgb0321.bcc Geo-Panergo-Demographic Coefficient, Coeficiente Geo-Panergo-Demográfico, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
     Proportion of rights and responsabilities of a region towards the whole world.             
*** xpg gs0334.xpf Intrest-Free Finance System, Sistema Finanças Livre de Juros, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
     Liberating society from one of its most aberrant and negative features, the interest on money.             
02     StS-Operational Operacional             
* awu aa7702.awu SocietalSystem-Entities, Entidades, Portugal x          
     Global-Local Entities for the coordination of StS Initiatives.             
*acugb0025.acu Local Societal StS-Centers, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
    The basic Entity to implant in each town and village of the globe.             
*afzgb0087.afz StS-Financial Estimations, Estimações Financeiras, Distritos Portugal Districtsx          
     Basic data for the elaboation of societal business plans per geo-territory, entity and project.             
*atigs0017.ati Societal Consortium, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
     The open board of trustees and key-partners per geo-territory and project.             
03    StS-Info-ICT             
* aag gb0041.aag SocietalSystem Info-ICT, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*** val tr0333.val Triptych 3-Screen System, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*** awy gb0097.awy Societal Crowd-Conferencing System, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
04    StS-DataBank             
*vbqaa6000.vbq StS DataBank Standard Geo-Documents, Distritos Portugal Districts x          
     Selection of 500+ titles-documents, standard in all geo-territorial units, from the world to villages and neighborhoods.             
   >>> See also Navigation Table StS-Interactivities Online             
    Series subsites             
05    Research             
*abdgb0014.abd Checklists Checklistas, Portugal x          
*vbeaa9373.vbe Societal References, Referências, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*bahaa9066.bah Societal Indicators, Indicadores, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*xdnrx0101.xdn Societal Observatory, Observatório, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*pxvsv0121.pxv Societal Street Surveys, Inquéritos de Ruas, Distritos Portugal Districts            
* bho aa9033.bho Holistic Phenomena, Fenómenos Holísticos, Portugal x          
06    Governance Governação             
*aancg0110.aan Societal Governance Platform, Governação, Distritos Portugal Districtsx

*** acua gs9010.acua Local SocietalSystem Groups, Grupos, Distritos Portugal Districtsx

*** waa sd0202.waq Societal Governance Crowd-Deliberations Program, Crowd-Deliberações, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*bcfxg0102.bcf e-Rationalization Plans, e-Racionalização, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*rxwgp0101.rxw Geo-Politics and Policy, Política Mundial, Portugal x           

Geo-political implications in and from any world geo-territory. StS-Proposals and Projects.

*aafgs9003.aaf Societal Dynamization Program, Dinamização, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*aacet0121.aac Societal Governance Proposals, Propostasde Governação, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*xxamd0320.xxa Emergency Plans, Planos de Emergência, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*psxpo0121.psx Elections, Eleições, Portugal x           
*xpnst0260.xpn Proactive Citizens Societal Initiatives, Iniciativas Cidadãos Proativos, Portugal x         
*pcvmn0142.pcv Public Budgets, Orçamentos Públicos, Portugal x         
07    Societal Socio-economy Socio-economia             
*aasgb0013.aas Societal Socio-economy System, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
* arqgb9908.aas Sistema-Rede eGlocos System-Network, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*xdxip1105.xdx eGlocos Barter Currency, Divisa de Intercâmbio Troca, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
* arimc0106.ari StS-Holding Socio-economy Networks, Redes Socio-economia, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
* qgta pk0101.qgta Local Products and Services, Produtos Serviços, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*prkfe0107.prk Family Expenses, Despesas familiares, Distritos Portugal Districts x          
*pbmen0110.pbm Enterprising Documents Set, Documentos de Negócio, Distritos Portugal Districts           
* ayw gb0056.ayw Societal Investment Platform, Plataforma Investimento, Portugalx          
08    Learning Training Aprendizagem Formação             
*xsagb6001.xsa StS-Syllabi, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
* kes cc0117.kes Diretório Coaches e Consultores Societais, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
* qedd de0909.qedd Plano Transição Societal Sector Educação, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*xdqds0501.xdq Societal Applications School Disciplines, Aplicações Societais Disciplinas Escolares, Distritos Portugal Districts  x           
*mdtgb0297.mdt StS-Master Training Courses, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
     Societal Check-up and Orientation Series ( World Geo-Territories )
Interaction Potential with Local-Global Society, in all its aspects.
* aaxz sv0222.aaxz Horizontal Navigation Page Personal Societal Check-up and Orientation, World Geo-Territories             
* aaxy sv0223.aaxy Horizontal Navigation Page Geo-Territory Societal Check-up and Orientation, World Geo-Territories             
* aaxx sv0224.aaxx Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Entity Societal Check-up and Orientation, World Geo-Territories             
* aaxw sv0225.aaxw Horizontal Navigation Page Societal Sector Societal Check-up and Orientation, World Geo-Territories             
* aaxv sv0226.aaxv Horizontal Navigation Page Group Societal Check-up and Orientation, World Geo-Territories             
* aaxu sv0227.aaxu Horizontal Navigation Page Project Societal Check-up and Orientation, World Geo-Territories             
09     Communication Comunicação             
*mbssh0109.mbs Introductory StS-Conferences, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
10    Projects Projetos             
*aabaa9510.aab Societal Projects Portugal x         
11    Instruments Instrumentos             
12    Structures Projects Projetos Estruturas             
* ksb pm1168.ksb Networks Techno-Shops, Portugal
* kyg pm1103.kyg Networks Bicycle Shops, Portugalx          
*qpreahr0120.qrpea Houses for Year-round Rent, Distritos Portugal Districts             
*qfrmeaf0102.qfrme Large Agro-Forestry Plot Projects, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*kdsamg0111.kdsa RegionalShops, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
*kyepm2000.kye Local Construction Units, Distritos Portugal Districts             
   >>> See also Extended Horizontal Navigation Table Regional Networks of Local Socio-economy Entities             
13    Events Eventos             
*mamec0109.mam Societal Workshops Portugal x           
*mbxgb0720.mbx Societal Expo-Congresses, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
14    Global-Local Interaction and Exchanges
Interação e Intercâmbio
* auv ns0111.auv North-South Objects Transfers, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
* qmig mg0110.qmig Migration, Portugal x         
* qexr xp0101.qexr Expats In-Out, Distritos Portugal Districts x         
21     Geo-Territories Geo-Territorios             
*aihgb0023.aih Geo-Territories, Distritos Portugal Districts x          
   >>> See also Extended Horizontal Navigation Table Portugal             
22    Societal Sectors             
* qag ag0140.qag Sector Agriculture Forestry Fisheries, Portugal x          
* qfi fi0103.qfi Sector Finance, Portugal x          
* qtus tu0103.qtus Societal Tourism, Portugal x         
*qimars5000.qimaImobiliária Societal Real Estate Platforms, Portugalx

Surfing, Portugalx

*qwiawa0119.qwiaVinho Wine, Portugalx

   >>> See also Extended Horizontal Navigation Table Societal Sectors             
23    Study Disciplines             
* cgg cg0117.cgg Discipline Geography, Portugal x          
* chs hs0107chs Discipline History, Portugal            
* cmt gt2013.cmt Discipline Mathematics, Portugal x          
*spzpt0105.spz Points of Interest, Portugal            
*qmplpl0113.qmplPlantas Medicinais, Portugalx

   >>> See also Extended Horizontal Navigation Table Study Disciplines             
24     Geo-Subsidiaries             
 ibyaa9677.iby Streets Portugal x         
30    Societal Entities Entidades             
   >>> See also Extended Horizontal Navigation Table World Societal Entities             
31    Public Institutions             
32    Enterprises             
33    NonProfit Organizations             
34    Citizens Cidadãos             
* yan sn0101.yan Seniors Societal Dynamization, Portugal x          
* yaq tg0104.yaq Students Societal Projects, Portugal x          
*qliflt0105.qlif Personal Way of Life, Portugal x         
35    Schools Escolas             
36    Media             
60    Societal Campaigns Campanhas Mediáticas             
*aasosc0301.aaso Campaign Settle now in rural ..., Distritos Portugal Districts x           
* krh ep0600.krh Campaign Rural Revitalization, Portugalx          
* tcs tn0104.tcs Naturism, Portugal x          
* tct sv0114.tct Vegetarism, Portugal x          
40    StS-Packages             
*yyawp0117.yya SocietalSystem-Packages Products Services Events, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*yybwp0112.yya SocietalSystem-Partnerships, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
    Partner Provided Services Serviços Parceiros             
*azoaa1101.azo Personal OwnDomain Sites+Sets, Distritos Portugal Districts x           
*aznaa1102.azn Entities OwnDomain Sites+Sets, Distritos Portugal Districts  x           
StSNmr StSTop StSFil Topic Online Supervisor Research-Editor Consortium StS-Entity Agenda Remarks


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