SocietalSystem ( StS )

Humanity's Operating Complex

SocietalSystem ( StS ) North-Middle-South concerted Societal Transition 2025 Campaign
Realistic societal organization and development is globally connected*, panergetically efficient**, socio-economically complementary*** and socially inclusive****.
It drives on proactive citizens' societal co-responsability*****.

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Geo-Territorially Integrated, e-Rational, Panergetically Efficient, Convivially Sound
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1. SocietalSystem ( StS )
* Societal Operating Charter   *
StS-System Info-ICT
* Pillar 1: StS-DataBank
* Pillar 2: StS-Societal Dynamization Program
* Pillar 3: StS-Holsing
Red Thread: Training + Communication

2. StS-Cubes Diagrams
1. StS-System-Cube 2. StS-Societal Function Cube 3. StS-Cognitive Cube ( = DataBank Structure )

3. StS-Strategy
"Innvovative Disruption" in Societal Instruments, Initiatives and Infrastructures, per Geo-Territory
and in
Entities Management.and Personal Behaviour.
3.1 Integrated Geo-Territorial Approach, per Geo-Territory, Locally-to-Globally
3.2 e-Rational, Panergetically balanced, Entities Management
e-Rational, Panergetically balanced, Personal Way of Life

4. Societal Entities Tools
Network of Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites+Sets

SocietalSystem-Package Selection Table and Application Form

NrStSTopStSFilItemData - Examples
Omni-Presence in StS-DataBank
Presence Categories include
URL Links, Text and Picture formats, Text outlines, Pictures Selection,  Maps, ...
Important Note: StS does only link or mention Own-Domain Sites !
No social networks, blog platforms, etc.
Links in WebPages, currently about 1.500.000 online.
Site Categories include: Local-Global Geo-Territories, Disciplines, Societal Sectors, Societal Projects, Catalogues, Agendas, Products and Services, Directories of Entities,
Links in Table-Files
Table-File Categories include: Checklists, Finance Outlines, Agendas, Tasks Lists, Roadmaps, Forms, Surveys, Statistics, Business Plans, ...
Links in Presentation-Files
Links in StS-Interactivities Online
Links in Prints
Use of StS-Codes and Classifications in StS-Connected Own-Domain Sites
>  integration in SocietalSystem-FindEngine
Participation in Research-Editing of StS-Documents
Supervising StS-Geo-Territory
Supervising StS-Topic
Staff Function in StS-Entity
StS-Entities are projected on World, Continet, national, Regional, Local and Micro-Local level.
StS-Entities categories include Operating Entities, Societal Cluster Agencies, Societal Corporate Clusters, and Socio-economy Regional Networks and Local Entities.
Elaboration e-Rationalization Plans
Reducing corrective expenses, higher real panergetic, societal profit
Geo-Territorial e-Rationalization
Enterprise e-Rationalization
NonProfit e-Rationalization
Personal e-Rationalization
Creation new Societal Personal Functions in Entity
Elaboration StS-Dossier on demand
-Presence in StS Crowd-Research and School Projects
-Internationalization Plan
--Participation in North-South Interaction Plan
-Participation in  Societal Transition Plan Morocco, Specially Societal Transition Plan Region Essaouira, Morocco
-Participation in  Societal Transition Plan Togo, Specially Societal Transition Plan Region Kloto, Togo
-Participation in  Societal Transition Plan DR Congo, Specially Societal Transition Plan Region, DR Congo.
Interested in Import from:
Interested in Export to:
Join Export Cluster to Geo-Territory Meta-Network
Join Import Cluster in Geo-Territory Meta-Network
Join Invest Supply Regional Socio-economy Network
Investment in SocietalSystem-Fund
Finance from SocietalSystem-Fund
Participate in / Organize
Conference in
Workshop on in
Training Internship in on
Course on
Master Training
Expo-Congress in Location
Excursion to
Mission to
Integration in StS-School Programs and Projects
Integration in StS-Street, Road and Agro-Forestry Plot Surveys
-StS-Documents formatted for Partners and Members
Selection. High research and marketing values.
Topic or Entity Name in all Geo-Territories Internet Extensions, via Google
Topic or Entity Name Application to all Geo-Territories CheckLists in SocietalSystem ( hundreds available ) Example: 
-Construction, Coaching Professional Own-Domain Site+Set
-Connection Professional Own-Domain with StS-Platform
Connection Professional Own-Domain with StS-Partner Platform
-Construction, Coaching Personal Own-Domain Site+Set
-Connection Personal Own-Domain with StS-Platform
Connection Personal Own-Domain with StS-Partner Platform

Realistic societal organization and development is globally connected*, each entity and person disposing of its own, autonomous information and communication platform
panergetically efficient**,
based on real indicators, and hence reducing at maximum corrective expenses along the whole lifecycle of products, services and events
socio-economically complementary***,
replacing the outdated competition in public life and business
and socially inclusive****.
linking maxima to decent minima on a world basis
It drives on proactive citizens' societal co-responsability*****.
emphasizing duties as a natural complement to human rights


SocietalSystem ( StS )