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SocietalSystem Application Packages for Public Institutions, Enterprises, 
NonProfit Organizations, Schools, Media and Citizens

SocietalSystem features for all entities in all sectors of society and personal life.
Personal and Professional Entities
Own-Domain Sites+Sets

Own-Domain Sites+Sets. Site = online, Set = offline.
Personal or entity's global identity, personally owned, personal and societal operating platform, directed and possibly making profitable, without external meddling.
For every citizen and entity on the planet, with optional preferential connection to the whole SocietalSystem platform.
The main tools for empowering citizens and regional entities, to steer their own life and management,
as well as the overall societal development and major societal entities of their geo-territory.

Own-Domain Sites+Sets radically change the nature and of the whole internet and shift its power center to the sphere of the users,
individually and in clusters of interest and societal proactive intervention
Intelligent, more adult, self-managed internet, each citizen and small+medium entiy their own unified online+offline platform,
replacing the current internet where people's and entities' personality is dispersed, directed and monetized by a range of global players.
Switching from mass-steered platforms to Own-Domain Sites+Sets will result in a drastic e-rationalization
of life and society, in all sectors, almost simultaneously worldwide.
A sine-qua-non condition for avoiding a point-of-no-return of environmental and social degradation.
At once, the major new, staggering potential of societal business and creative jobs,
in complementary clusters, beyond outdated competition.

Download Key-Diagram Own-Domain Sites+Sets System
Includes Diagram Societal Actors Interaction Features
Download General Table-File Own-Domain Sites+Sets System

Global Pilot Own-Domains Initiative
Montemor-o-Novo, Alentejo Region, Portugal
Download aqui o Folheto Own-Domain Sites+Sets Montemor-o-Novo
para imprimir R/V A4 ou A3
Documento-chave para demonstrações, conferências, negociações de parcerias, etc.
ocietalSystem procura dezenas de Coaches para acompanhar utilizadores de Own-Domain Sites+Sets
e a Plataforma SocietalSystem

Shortly english and french versions online.

The whole sphere of StS-Code-connected Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites
will be exclusively integrated in the results of the SocietalSystem-FindEngine,
another major disruptive innovation feature, turning the existing major search engines as side players.

Own-Domain Sites+Sets in North-Mid-South Societal Transition Plan 2025 Table ( see last lines ):
Dashboard Pilot Geo-Territories: World, Belgium Regions, Alentejo Region, Portugal, Europe, European Union, Arabia, Morocco, Africa
3D Linking between thousands of Own-Domains, on Socio-economy, Import-Export, Investment, Culture, Education, Tourism, etc.

StS OwnDomain Sites+Sets Interactive Forum
Information and Deliberation Q&A

Personal Own-Domain Sites+Sets Key-Documents
Personal OwnDomain Sites+Sets, General Site
Horizontal Navigation Page Personal OwnDomain Sites+Sets, World Geo-Territories
Personal OwnDomain, Example Site under construction
Personal Own-Domain Site and offline Set System Outline
Download Diagram Personal Own-Domain System ( under revision )
Personal Own-Domain Site+Set Subscription Form ( Table-Version Model )
Personal Own-Domain Site+Set Presentation Version

Professional Entities Own-Domain Sites+Sets Key-Documents
Entities OwnDomain Sites+Sets, General Site
Horizontal Navigation Page Entities OwnDomain Sites+Sets, World Geo-Territories
Entities OwnDomain, Example Site under construction
Entity Own-Domain Site System Outline
Professional Entity Own-Domain Site+Set Subscription Form ( Table-Version Model )
Professional Entity Own-Domain Site+Set Presentation Version

Own-Domain Sites+Sets Campaign 2017

Covering Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia Regions in Belgium
Lisbon and Alentejo Regions in Portugal
Casablanca and Essaouira Regions in Morocco
K Region in Togo
Kinshasa and Lomela Regions in DR Congo
Other, including your, country and region can be added.
Features include:
* Subscription to Personal or Professional Entity Own-Domain Site+Set at:
* StS-Documents for Replication on

StS-Introductory Events are planned from november 2017 in:
Montemor-o-Novo, Évora, Setúbal and Lisbon, Portugal
Brussels, Ghent and Namur, Belgium
, ...

Enterprises, producing and/or providing sustainable products, services and events
can join the StS-Cluster-Orders and Projects, Geo-Territorially Integrated Export-Clusters and Import-Clusters, and dito Investment-Clusters
including Rural Revitalization Units in Alentejo,
StS-Holding Networks in Alentejo, Belgium, Morocco, Togo and DR Congo, ...


Own-Domain Sites+Sets Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus
Training Program Own-Domain Sites+Sets

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