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Brussels is becoming an unlivable narcotic city with the speed of a high speed train
De Standaard 08.12.2023

Example Thinking Models

Lisboa Porto Algarve ... > Alentejo
Brussels > Alentejo
Brussels City Region, Belgium, Rural Revitalization Migration to Alentejo Region, Portugal
Thinking Model and Pilot Project of Rural>Countryside Re-Migration and Rural Revitalization,
, for Europe and the World.

Download list European Union 300 NUTS2 Regions, of which about 100 are rural.
List of major cities of the European Union, of which part has to move to the countryside, in Europe or the world.

Read first !
Pourquoi il est grand temps de quitter les villes.
Why is it urgent to leave the cities.

Leading Belgian newspaper 22.01.2023


Lisboa Porto Algarve Dados-chave


Example City > Countryside Systemic Re-Migration
Pilot rhinking model for crowd-research and deliberation.
Brussels Region Migration 100.000 People to Alentejo Region, Portugal
Thinking, Crowd- Research and Deliberation model to apply to the whole of the European Union, and the World

Folders series soon online for download

Researh program in preparation.
Comparison Societal Dynamization Key-Indicators Brussels - Alentejo
or between any other medium to large city and rural region
Below a selection of items to increase (+) or decrease (-) under study

Brussels Region
Alentejo Region

Pop Density
Decrease 250.000
Increase 250.000

Number of Cars
Decrease 100.000+
Increase Collective and business transport

to decrease
to decrease

to decrese selectively
to increase selectively





Download the preliminary flyer  Brussels > Alentejo, is under permanent update, as is the relates site and dossiers

Download Flyer Brussels Migration Alentejo
Key-Data Brussels
Key-DataData Alentejo

New Legislation Proposals
United nations - European Union - Belgium Brussels Municipalities - Portugal Alentejo Municipalities

ForFuture Warehouses World Network
Horizontal Navigation Page ForFuture Warehouses, Same Site for 250+ World Geo-Territories

World Network

World Network Rural We-Eco Communities Operating Site
Brussels 150 Convivial Neighborhoods Network
Alentejo 150 Rural Micro-Regions
Alentejo 1600 Communities in existing Hamlets
Download table-File Hamlets Alentejo, Portugal

Rural Revitalization an UN SDGs 2030
Application Brussels and Alentejo

Societal Entities Opportunities Brussels to Alentejo Migration

without and with new legislation

Public Institution
Tasks Opportunities include:
List Key-Entities

Tasks Opportunities include:
List Key-Entities


Tasks Opportunities include:
List Key-Entities

Tasks Opportunities include:
List Key-Entities

Tasks Opportunities include:
List Key-Entities

Tasks Opportunities include:
List Key-Entities

Communication Plan
Print Documents
Intro Conferences
Intro Workshops
Coaches Training 1-3 Months

Extra Data Sets
Download Table-file Regions NUTS2 European Union
Elected Representatives Brussels Region Alentejo Region
European parliament National Parliaments Regional Parliaments Municipal and Sub-Municipal Councils Other

Crowd-Research Editing and Deliberation Tasks include:

Legal Operating System and Entities
SocietalSystem-Alentejo Enterprise - Statutes Model and Pre-Business Plan Association Alentejo Statutes Model Pre-Project Plan
We-Eco Communities Formal and Informal Associations
Statutes and Agreement Models


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