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Cognitive Demystifications.
What's in a word ? A whole world.

Current terms that do not longer mean what they are supposed to.
It's negative impact on the whole of societal organization and personal behaviour is staggering.
Money Value, Wealth, Sovereignty, Success, Independence, Growth, Profit, Loss, GDP, GDP Growth, Rights, Duties, Solidarity, Security, Stability,
Ownership, Freedom, Gratis-Free, Job Creation, Price of Goods, Bio-Organic, Eco, Zero Emission, Public financed Citizen Initiative,
Economic Recovery, Economic Recession, Scientifical Proof, Professional, Poverty, Voluntary work, The First, The Best, The Richest, The 1% vs 99%, ...
and hundreds more.

A separate page or site is being created on each term within the StS-Platform and events organized.

This topic should be an integrated part of all kinds of education and training.

See also Holistic Logic and Thinking
, Aberrations, Bias, ...


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