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Climate Change
Climate Change. The most global threat to life on earth in human history.

Paris December 2015 Climate Conference  
Citizens steered Analyses, Deliberations abd Solutions Proposals
COP22 Climate Conference, Marrakech, Morocco 7-18 November 2016
With 64 School and other Disciplines Climate Change Applications Program 2016-2017, Morocco

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Realistic crisis solutions beyond fear, if beyond linear thinking.
IPCC Climate Report 2014, released November 2, 2014
"Climate change threatens irreversible and dangerous impacts, but options exist to limit its effects."
Soon available online: SocietalSystem-Transcription of the Report, for Crowd-Research and Editing,

Climat Change
Download the Climate Change Solutions Diagram, most recent version, change it, or make your own one, and send it us.
No protests, no strikes, no charity, no sponsoring, no public subventions, no credit needed, ...
Limits to Growth was right. We are nearing collapse. The Guardian 03.09.2014 > Report Graham Turner Univ. Melbourne
See also: Societal Transition Platform and Plans, with Global-Local Systemic Root-Solutions download Diagram

SocietalSystem Crowd-Construction Program Climate Change
SocietalSystem-Files under construction on Climate Change
Climate Change Crowd-Research and Editing Operational DataBase
SocietalSystem-Transcription of the 2014 IPCC Synthesis Report

Family Expenses Panergetic Analysis

School Applications, Citizens' steered Deliberative Governance Decisions
and Global-Local Socio-economy Management and Technical Solutions.

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SocietalSystem Crowd-Research Program Climate Change Operational DataBase Screenshot
Available on request to proactive participants in the project.
Life demonstrations with screen sharing on skype. Skype ID: globplex.

All worldwide applications and contributions to the project on one sigle file, with unlimited cross-over queries.
Include applications on all school disciplines and trainings, as well as on governance and business sectors,
and on all continents, countries, regions and micro-localities of the world.

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Changement Climatique, Royaume du Maroc
Changement Climatique, Région de Bruxelles, Belgique
Changement Climatique, Burkina Faso


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