SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's Operating Complex

Shifting, disturbing times ?
Everyone now to the real, societal life school !

Societal perception and applications, the missing part in most conventional education,
but vital for individual and collective survival and development.

SocietalSystem Workshops
SocietalSystem Workshops.
Training for Societal Systemic Transition, for All, Worldwide.
Small groups. Intensive, deliberative and collaborative training. Great, effective impact.
Beyond both academic studies and street manifestations, still recognizing their need and value.

SocietalSystem Workshops, a disruptive revolution in thinking in general,
in conventional education, professional training and lifelong learning,

and, consequently, in the whole societal organization and personal way of life

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Global Network Societal Workshop Hostels and Hotels
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World Societal Workshops Program 2020-2030, Algarve, Portugal
Pilot Societal Workshops Program 202 - Add yours too !

Priority Workshop Topic Spheres
and Crowd-Workshops 2020

StS-Topic Shpere = Cluster of topics, 10 to 20, related to a central topic, each object of separate workshops,
but, complementary, connected in one video-conferencing network and events series.
The workshops can be organized anywhere in the world.
However, objective is to create pilot and global central topic sphere workshops in the Algarve, Portugal.

Topic Spheres with selected related Topics,
each of them object of separate Workshops and other Events, all connected in real time.
SocietalSystem Crowd-Research and Construction Topic Sphere
Societal Organization Systemic Concepts and Charters
SocietalSystem Geo-Territorial Licences Topic Sphere
SocietalSystem Thematic Licences Topic Sphere
Deliberative Societal Governance Topic Sphere
Local-Global Societal Entrepreneurship Topic Sphere
SocietalSystem Socio-economy Holding Topic Sphere
Rural Revitalization Plan Topic Sphere
Global North-South Cooperation, Special: Europe - Africa + Latin-America, Topic Sphere
Personal Societal Development and Way of Life Topic Sphere
Local Societal Coaches, Topic Sphere

Local-Regional Applications
Concelho de Lagos, Nova Socio-economia New Socio-economy Topic Sphere
Algarve, Nova Socio-economia New Socio-economy Topic Sphere

Parallel deliberations, throughout all Workshops:
Societal Key-Concepts and Operating Charters

Parallel training, throughout all Workshops:
StS-Techno Info-ICT System

Umbrella Program:

Master Training StS-Coaches, Managers, Staff, Partners
Standard and Parallel Workshops + related Didactics and Agogy Techniques
Special programs for teachers, coaches, civil society leaders and journalists.
StS-Master Training Course ( being revised )
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Under construction: Pilot Societal Conference and Workshop Rooms Cluster: Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.
SocietalSystem is looking for 5 to 10 Hostels and 2 or 3 stars Hotels, in Lagos, and gradually a hundred all over the Algarve,
 to install a Conference and Workshop Room
and to organize, with the SocietalSystem approach,
similar programs as in The White Butterfly Hostel
Join the Network !
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SocietalSystem ( StS )