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Family Expenses
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Family expenses and way of life features are the drivers of the world economy
and major inductors of local-global societal governance, read politics.
More, by changing the consumption choices of citizens, any world corporate,
even the whole stock market can be re-oriented, yes put down.
A performance no mass manifestation, strike or fiscal sanction can achieve.

Download Table-File, french under translation, with 1500+ Family Expenses
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Each of the 1.500+ items on the above Table-File is gradually object of a World 250+ Geo-Territories Series,
similar to the Family Expenses.

World Movement for Societal Proactivation of All Citizens and Entities
 Global-Local Societal Personal and Professional Engagement Network
Soon online: Personal-Global Societal Impact Test and Indicator
Discover your personal butterfly effect on the resilience of the whole world,
in terms of the environment, health ( yes including pandemies ),
social relations ( yes including war and peace ) and economy ( yes including employment )..

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