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Societal Transition Decade
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"Failing to adjust = failing to exist"
( Bank of England Head to the world's finance sector, april 2019 )

SocietalSystem develops, creates and provides, in an open collaborative way,
realistic societal and personal transition concepts, documents, tools, initiatives and projects
for every type of entity in any level of geo-territory, from local villages and neighborhoods of the world,
all based on the same central cognitive and communication model,
all connected and oriented towards a sustainable and inclusive society system.

For SocietalSystem to be implemented in a geo-territory, 
the proactive start cooperation of only 1 % of its population is sufficient.

Contact us for a free live demonstration of the SocietalSystem platform,
in your company, school, association or public organization.

Your reaction could be as by so many other people;
'"It's fundamentally simple, and absolutely necessary"..


StSNmr: 00 - StSTop: aij - StSFil: stsproposals2019.general
Date: 16.04.2019
Author(s): SocietalSystem-Editors

World Situation and Trends
* Most global indicators are negative. Health, Peace, Environment, Social Inclusion, Work Satisfaction and Self-Fullfilment, Politics, World Finance, Democracy, ...
* A wide range of alternative initiatives are spreading all over the world, however mostly without systemic solutions and dispersed,
still very important and encouraging.
* Major blocage of realistic transition measures, individually and collectively
* Your suggestions for world situation and trands: ...
* Scientifical Reports on commodities and environment, since the 1970s
* Yearly UN IPCC Reports on Climate Change
* UN SG Position, september 2018 ( > upcoming 2019 Report by Finnish University on replacement of GDP and needed  fundamental transformation of economics and business management education )
* Central Bank Heads of the UK and France declarations to the finance sector, april 2019 ( "Failing to adjust = failing to exist" ).
* Popular Movements, including Youth for Climate, supported by University Rectors april 2019, Extinction Rebellion movement
* Tens of thousands of local alternative socio-economy initiatoves, be it still dispersed
Societal Systemic Solutions
* Replacement of the GDP by a panergetic Index, idem panergetic prices, revenues and fiscality
* One global cognitive code-system and classifications range
* One databank of modulable documents, offline workable, + online connection tools
* An Own-Domain-Site and Set for each citizen and entity.
* A worldwide connected local societal survey program, parcel per parcel
* A worldwide platform for regional-local socio-economy networks
* Key socio-economy meta-solutions: Rural Convivial Zones, Urban Green Convivial Streets
combined with panergetic prices applications and fiscal plans
* Your suggestions for societal systemic solutons

StS-Proposals include:
See specific offers per geo-territory, topic or interest group throughout the files below.
* Links throughout the StS-DataBank, 2.000.000+ documents online, hundreds of millions projected
* Presence at StS-Events, including Conferences, Workshops, Master Training Courses,
* Object of Excursions
* Stand and Presentations at StS Expo-Congresses
* Coaching creating Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites+Sets
* StS-Licenses per Geo-Territory or Topic, including StS-Master Training Courses
* e-Rationalization Coaching for Professional Entityes
* Supply of Products and Services to StS-Entities, specially StS-Holding Socio-economy Networks
* Coaching of Societal Clustering of Societal Sectors ( = connecting Public Institutions + Enterprises + NGOs + Schools + Media + Citizens, per Geo-Territory and Sector, introducing complementarity to replace competition )
* Projecting and implementing Green Convivial Streets ( tens of millions worldwide )
* Projecting and Implementing Convivial Rural Zones ( millions worldwide )
* Elaboration of Modulable Documents
* Elaboration of Societal Panergetic Business Plans
* Creative Job Searching Coaching
* Societal Coaching of Start-up ( most start-ups fail because of a lack of societal connection )
* e-Rationalization Plans for all kind of Societal Entities and Geo-Territories ( the underlying sine-qua-non for a realistic development and medium term faisibility of all of them )
* Training of all kind of Professionals for Societal Transition, Networking, Sharing, etc.
* Coaching creation of Local Enterprising Association ( needed but missing almost in avery minor region or municipality )

Selection of main StS-Meta-Sites, open to passive or active Links,
gradually on each regional, national and continental Geo-Territory:

* Geo-Territory Sitemap ( 500+ Documents ) also standard in each local geo-territory site

* StS-Meta-Catalogue ( 20.000 - 50.000 (Sub)Categories-Pages )
Example: Português, Algarve:

* StS-Holding ( 10.000+ Documents )
Français, Wallonie:
Português, Algarve:

* Global-Local Exchanges Platform ( 10.000+ Documents only english )

* Cultural and Tourist Points of Interest ( 600+ Documents )

* Agenda 2030 ( 144+ Documents )

* Series Roads Streets Squares Micro-Localities Villages Neighborhoods ( up to 1000s of Documents )

* (S)Elections Sites with Follow-up Page per Elected Politician ( up to 100s of Documents )

Each StS-Component can contain one or more offline modulable Web Pages, Table-Files, Presentation-Files and Multicriteria DataBases,
as well as online Features, Interactive Apps, and Videos,
+ Printed versions of any document, also in binded books or booklets.

Presence on Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites ( gradually up to billions of sites )
See more at:
Depends fully and solely on the domain owners ! No interference by or commission to SocietalSystem.
Own-Domain Sites may carry, within a yearly agreements, replicas of StS-Documents, open to external links.

Open Proposals Mails Method:
Most Proposal Mails are published online, as well as their reactions, if any.

Destinataries of main Proposal Mails include:
Global-Local Governance Entities, Associations of Local Authorities, Sectoral Public Entities on all Sectors, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Organizations, Universities and Polytechnical, Higher Education and Lifelong Learning Schools, Secondary Schools, Embassies, Regional and Local Associations, ...


Sections - File Downloads - Links

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Standard Geo-Sitemap Components

500+ Topics, featured an all Local-to-Global Geo-Territories Sites


SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Societal Sectors

Checklist of the 32 StS-Standard Sectors Classification + 100s of SubSectors


SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Disciplines

Checklist of the 60+ StS-Standard Disciplines Classification + SubDisciplines


SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, StS-Holding Network categories

Checklist of the 100+ StS-Standard Socio-economy Regional Network Categories Classification

Suggest-Request other StS-Classifications

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Citizens

Adults, Youth, Seniors, Expats Immigrants, Expats Emigrants,
See also Section 2.1 Societal Sectors Outline > Professions


SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Public Institutions

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Elected Politicians

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Schools

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, NGOs

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Enterprises

SocietalSystem Proposals 2019, Media

Suggest-Request other Societal Entity Groups


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