SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Operating Complex

SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex
Matrix for the World's New Societal Organization System and Way of Life
Research and deliberations to implement from 2025 > 2030

SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex is the complete set of concepts, instruments, infrastructures and initiatives

for crowd-researching, deliberating, deciding solutions and implementing the new societal organization model for the world.
This could happen hopefully towards 2030, in parallel with the UN SDG 2030 Program.

2030 btw is the deadline for avoiding a point-of-no-return for the survival of the biosphere,
as well as for worldwide local conviviality and global peace.

Total volume of documents online, as of 08.07.2023: 16.000.000+, on more than 500 Gb,
including offline modulable and personally replicable webpages, table-files, presentation-files,
as well as multicriteria databases, pictures, and online interactive platforms.

Content types include: texts, checklists, datatables, diagrams, charts, forums,  survey forms,  business plans,
panergetic and societal audit and e-rationalization dossiers, etc.
all to apply to all global-local geo-territories, societal organization sectors, disciplines,
current issues, socio-eonomy projects, all categories of societal entities, and personal way of life.

Thanks to the unique StS-Cognitive Code-System, all documents are 3D-Cross-over connectable.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex Outline
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Operating Charter
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Crowd-Research and Construction Program
StS-System Info-ICT - StS-DataBank - StS-Interactive Online Platforms
StS-World Geo-Territories - StS-World Societal Organization Sectors
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Societal Systemic Transition 2020-2030
SocietalSystem ( StS ) 250-Cycle Years Cognitive Revision Plan
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Diagonal Navigation Pages World Geo-Territories
SocietalSystem World Organization ( Project 2020-2025-2030 )
SocietalSystem Master Training Program

StS-Supervisors - StS-Consortiums - StS-Operating Entities

Societal System Reset 2025-2030

Download, updated+corrected, Diagram Societal System Reset 2020-2030

StS-Complex, currently set of domains, under development
projected to be ready for crowd-construction towards tha autumn 2020,
driving a global-local societal systemic transition plan 2020-2030

Central StS-Domains
The central StS-Domains constitute the basic matrix of the whole SocietalSystem Complex.
Kind of a root sitemap of the system.
Strategically, in view of the 2020-2030 objective of the whole SocietalSystem Complex, the World SocietalSystem Organization platform,
integrated part of the domain, is the core site, from which and through which all other platforms pass.

Links on the diagram, clickable on the Table below:

Standard StS-Sites and Pages Series
According the Standard StS-Classifications, Standard StS-Codified
Used throughout all StS-Domains, connectable and crossing-over combinable in 3D

StS-Series StS-Tree
StS-Series StS-Cognitive Codes
StS-Series StS-File Format Types
StS-Series StS-File Content Object Types
StS-Series StS-File Content Subject Types
StS-Series StS-Online Interactive Sites
StS-Series StS-Diagrams Types
StS-Series StS-Table Types
StS-Series StS-DataBase Types
StS-Series StS-Presentation Types
StS-Series StS-Diagonal Navigation Pages
StS-Series StS-Horizontal Navigation Pages
StS-Series StS-Standard Components Geo-Territories
StS-Series StS-Standard Components General Topics
StS-Series StS-Standard Components Project Plans Socio-economy Networks
StS-Series StS-Holding Socio-economy Networks
StS-Series StS-Societal Sectors
StS-Series StS-Local Government Departments
StS-Series StS-Study Disciplines
StS-Series StS-Workshop and Crowd-Conferences Topics
StS-Series StS-Societal Entities
StS-Series StS-Current Global-Local Issues
StS-Series StS-Meta-Catalogues
StS-Series StS-Points of Interest
StS-Series StS-Global-Local Exchanges
StS-Series StS-Geo-Subsidiary Column
StS-Series StS-Geo-Territories,
World, Continents, Countries, e-Regions, Municipalities, etc.

StS-Series StS-History Chronology Periods
StS-Series StS-Agendas, Years > Months > Days
StS-Series StS-Packages StS-Products, Services and Activities
See also
StS-Series StS-Aggregate Files

See also
more than 1.500 SubSites, and growing, for all 200+ Geo-Territories of the World

All connected or connectable in 3D with a unique Multicriteria Societal Geo-DataBase containing millions of data.
A powerfull central tool for Global Deliberative Societal Governance, open to all citizens,
specially for the construction of a
World SocietalSystem Organization ( Project 2030 )


SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex Study Learning Training Coaching Syllabus
SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex World Societal Workshops Program
Training Program SocietalSystem ( StS ) Complex

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