SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Societal Organization Platform

Connected domains:
Citizens' directly steered Societal Governance Platform:
gradually replacing techno-mercantilist party-politics, locally to globally
to be test-launched along the European Parliament (S)Elections of 2024 see more below
Person-Planet Connections Platform:
for societally proactive interaction between personal and professional own-domain sites,
gradually replacing so-called social media

Primary overarching sine-qua-non initiative
for the survival of the biosphere, hence of humanity itself:

Creative and Solidary Sobriety
inducing a radical reduction of production and consumption within the limits of one planet, now almost two.

Primary overarching inductor of any societal and environmental transition movement
"I decide" Citizens Movement
because citizens, only through their daily way of life, steer 75 % of all major, locally to globally, societal features,
including top-technology, the world economy, social justice, the environment, politics, etc.
Note: hopefully, no law will ever oblige citizens to consume anything superfluous,
read harmfull for society and nature.

The items above are more elaborated throughout the present page,
with links to extensive dossiers in html, table-files, presentation-files,
multi-criteria databases and interactive forums online,
featuring thousands of modulable documents,
mostly free to download and to replicate in one's own-domain site.


Top to read
A painfull demystification of all green- and social-labeled initiatives, products,
services and finance and investment models.
"This is why nobody will do anything before it is too late."
Charles Hugh Smith, through
SocietalSystem and are a set of tools, initiatives and strategies
 to positively answer the in the article given situation.

George Monbiot in The Guardian
Plutocrats vs Life on Earth

Screenitis, the pathology of screen slavery, the root disease of our time, extremely difficult to cure.
It is the stage before social robotization and terminal societal submission.
The SocietalSystem and platforms and  programs are containing systemic treatments for screenitis.
Coaches with experience welcome!

SocietalSystem is a crowd-project for establishing a citizens' steered viable and convivial society, towards 2030
in order to avoid an irreversible collapse of the earth's eco-system and humanity's extinction.
Key-components include a databank of modulable documents, a program of societal regenerating research and learning,
a deliberative societal governance and management system and a panergetically sound socio-economy model.

Central problem of the world's existential crisis, now evolving, is
humanity's perception of the nature and its consequent mishandling of money.
World Finance System, with World Fake Finance Complex diagram for download.
Global crowd-research program in preparation for 2023,
featuring the demystification of money and its systemic, read panergetic reset in all its aspects and applications.
Without resolving the mercantilist money aberration, reminiscent for the dominant mental-societal age of mankind,
there is no solution for poverty, pollution, violence, disease, etc.

Complementary Problem: the incapacity of current Politics, read public governance,
not at least in relation the proper survival of the biosphere, read climate action,
as perceived by 80+ % of population, according an article in Le Figaro of October 27, 2022.
And to which SocietalSystem offers a complex of projects, for research,
starting at the European Parliament elections of mai 2024.

Central Thinking and Orientation model of the whole StS-System and Platform
Societal Cognitive Cube
application: UN SDGs 2030 to the City of Ghent, Belgium

Download Diagram Cognitive Cube UN SDGs 2030 Ghent
Modulable file to apply to any other topic and geo-territory.
Proposed to become the central diagram of any application
of any discipline on any person or geo-territory.

Humanity's ultimate crisis ( choice in ancient greek ), we are now in:
* or, trying to keep the current system alive, resulting in the destruction of nature, hence humanity itself,
before the end of the present century,

* or radically become aware that the citizens have to become locally-globally conscious and
learn to decide personally and locally, with planetary impact,
on all major matters at all levels of society.
Replacing party politics and dito elections as we know them now.
Making use of a platform of standardized, modulable tools and initiatives.
This is exactly the object of SocietalSystem ( StS ).

The core driver of transition, saving the planet and instaure worldwide solidary conviviality

'I decide' Citizens Movement
= what can you do, with local-global impact


75 % of all needed changes to save the planet
are directly in the hands of common citizens.
And don't need any new legislation or subventions from the top !
Stop smoking, become vegetarian, eat food from local resources, refrain from alcohol,
follow a healthy and ecological day-cycle, and dozens more examples of behaviour change
do not require any new law or finance !

On the contrary, behaviours like these should generate tax reductions
on personal income and local business, because they spectacularly reduce corrective expenses for the whole society.

Related local workshops and home-workshops programs soon online,
steering the European Parliament 2024 (S)Elections..


Participate proactively at the
Crowd-Research, Editing and Implementation campaign for the
European Parliament (S)Elections of 2024

Become a researcher, editor, coach or partner.
All linked files are under preliminary construction, in open crowd-editing mode.

(S)Elections are elections, steered down-up by citizens, locally to globally.
The respective programs are defined in the same way.
Elected representatives have only to implement these decisions.

Watch on youtube:
Former Malaysian PM: "Essence of democracy is inclusivity, not multiparty system".

Download EP 2024 (S)Elections flyer. To print R/V A4 or, better A3, ...

ep2024a.png   ep2024b.png

... and join the mouvement.
Agenda soon online.

Material for crowd-research in view of the preparation of the European Parliament (S)Elections 2024
and all local, regional and national elections.
Directory of Pioneering  Global-Local Societal Governance Proposals
Start-version. Suggestions and commentaries welcome.
Crowd-Research test workshops, in Brussels and elsewhere, from July 2023.



One of the top project to launch with the 2024 EP Elections,
for the rebuilding of rural areas, worldwide:

Communication Platform of the Rural Communities World Network
To create  communities worldwide with a circular economy,
based on ecological values, with respect for nature,
and convivial human revival.


Take part in the now starting research program for concrete rural revitalization
and City to Countryside Migration thinking model and pilot
Brussels > Alentejo, Portugal
Migration of 100.000 people to reduce excess urbanization and regreen an area, the size of Belgium
that risks to desertify on one hand and succomb on the other side, under mercantilist short term tourism.
Research Editing Deliberations Planning Legislation Adaptation, locally and at the European Parliament

Download the preliminary flyer  Brussels > Alentejo, is under permanent update, as is the relates site and dossiers


Transition? Rather, regeneration!

Person-Planet Societal Regenerating
campaign 2030
'Back to one planet eco-footprint, worlwide for everyone!'
with or without humanity ...

General Site Campaign Back to One Planet Eco-Footprint
with systemic solutions for every entity and citizen, some of them shocking however inevitable.
Eco-Footprint, equivalent consumed planets, countries examples ( ):
USA: 8,22 - Belgium; 7,44 - France: 5,14 - China: 3,38 - RDCongo: 0,82 ...
Series of Eco-Footprint Surveys for a selection of entities and people.( soon online )

Site in full pre-construction and crowd-research

250 years of techno-mercantilism, linear science and education and party-politics have lead
towards a nearly irreversable degeneration
of the biosphere and of human interaction and health.

Related Site Series, each with 250+ Geo-Territories Sites, include:
General Site Societal Regenerating Coaches
General Site Societal Regenerating Entities
General Site Societal Regenerating Training Programs
General Site Societal Regenerating Legislation

General Site Societal Regenerating Coaching Programs
General Site Societal Regenerating Surveys Audits Coaching Programs

Societally systemic sine qua non top-measures 2030
all object of Societal Crowd-Research:
Lifting up the mental-societal age of mankind., necessary for applying the next societal root measures,
one of the root-causes of the lack of action against climate change and other local-global mega-problems,,
not at least by the highest level researchers, politicians and entrepreneurs , worldwide
2. Totally review, societally, the disciplines Law, Economy and Management,
roots of the techno-mercantilist destruction of the biosphere and human conviviality
3. Replace the
GDP by the Panergetic Index and mercantilist prices by Panergetic Prices.
Abolish the positive and negative interest system, towards an interest-free finance system.
Without these, no other single initiative will reverse the current degradation of life.

Under crowd-research and -construction
List of StS-Proposed Back to One Planet Eco-Footprint Top-Measures per Country
with 'One Planet Eco-Footprint Compatibility Rating" for products, services and events.

Key-Projects to trigger the 'Back to One Planet' movement
Societal Home-Workshops - 'I decide' Citizens Movement = what can you do, with local-global impact
Family Expenses Check-ups - Entities Audits -
Streets and Roads Societal Surveys - Creative Sobriety
Local Societal Workshops - Societal Applications Study Disciplines - Societal Theses
Societal (S)Elections System with Test EP Elections 2024 - Person-Planet Alliances

Directory of Pioneering Societal Governance Proposals
example:  Lifelong Joint and Several Liability of Government Members and Elected Officers

Key-Projects to drive the 'Back to One Planet' movement
SocietalSystem Socio-economy Holding
100+ Regional Networks, priorities include: ForFuture Warehouses - Local Food Security Warehouse
Societal Rural Micro-Regions - Societal Convivial Neighborhoods - ...

SocietalSystem Synoptic SiteMap
Featuring currently more than 15 million modulable documents, free to replicate,
 and numerous online interactive sites
 on all local-global geo-territories, disciplines and societal sectors and issues.
SocietalSystem-Conceptus > SocietalSystem Info-ICT System > SocietalSystem-DataBank
> SocietalSystem Crowd-Research Platform > SocietalSystem Societal Governance Platform
> SocietalSystem Socio-economy System
 SocietalSystem Learning Platform > SocietalSystem Communication Platform

Key-Entities for Citizens' steered Societal Organization
Local Societal Centers
Ideally, one per 5.000-10.000 inhabitants, worldwide

SocietalSystem Operating Entities - SocietalSystem Supervizors
SocietalSystem Application Packages for Societal Entities Categories
SocietalSystem Staff Master Training

SocietalSystem Interest Groups
People can roughly be classified in 3 layers, respectively 1, 9 and 90 % of the population,
representing the conceptors and inventors, the executors, and the users or appliers.
SocietalSystem is ultimately made for capacitating common citizens
to proactively taking part in the whole decision making process of society,

For now, it is in its concepting phase, the estimated 1 % of society,
readying the 9 % for executing the project,
and coaching the 90 % to deliberate and apply it.
Note: this classification does not refer to intellectual, professional or wealth level.

SocietalSystem ( StS ) is looking for Global, National and Regional Supervisors
for leading the research-editing of
the following topics, totalling more than 1.500:

An exceptional challenge and opportunity for thousands of creative and societally proactive people, worldwide.
Interested ? send a mail with your topics of interest to Boudewijn De Graeve,

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Public and Private Organizations
New 250+ World Geo-Territories Series, to Classify

Search through
using, in, this expression example:'mathematics'
without the quotes
, replacing the term mathematis  by any other term of your interest.

Frequently Consulted References


The Guardian ( UK ) - De Standaard ( BE ) - Diario de Noticias ( PT ) - Bloomberg ( USA ) - WEF World Economoic Forum ( SW )
Novethic ( FR ) - Reporterre ( FR ) - Recuperar Portugal ( PT ) - Le Figaro ( FR ) - Jornal do Algarve ( PT )
Algarve Resident ( PT ) - Portugal News ( PT ) - COR Commitee of the Regions ( EU ) - ORU World Regions ( ? )
Le Monde ( FR ) - IPCC ( SW )

Inspiring People on Societal Systemic Approaches

Jean-Marc Jancovici ( FR ) - Dennis Meadows ( UK ) - Idesbald Goddeeris ( BE ) - Antonio Guterres ( UN )
Michel Collon ( BE ) - Dominique Rousseau ( BE ) - Artur Keller ( Fr ) - Prof. Gemenne ( BE ) - Xavier Fettweis ( BE )


Date: 18.08.2023


SocietalSystem ( StS )