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Humanity's New Operating Complex

StS-Printed Publications
Currently under construction, programmed to be launched from spring 2024
The whole set being operational for workshops and other relevant initiatives
on the European Parliament (S)Elections of may-june 2024.

Project: Network
of StS-Partnering Print and Copy Shops
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Seeds that change the system of human society and behaviour itself, saving the earth as well.
Societal Booklets for Print
+ Content, Surveys
and Person-Planet Applications Flyers
to download from the given website per booklet topic, indicated below

Proactivating Tools for Research, Workshops, Personal Training and Societal Interaction.
An innovative, unique, citizens' steered system
for turbocharging an urgently needed holistic awakening and societal shift.

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See also:
SocietalSystem Learning and Training Global Network HomePage

Societal Crowd-Leaning and Training
SocietalSystem Workshops - Societal Home Workshops - Local Societal Workshops

Soon online:
Societal Surveys 2030, Alentejo - Societal Surveys 2030, Brussels Region
The Societal Booklets for Print are specially conceived as supports for a whole series of
live participatory learning, training and citizens' steered governance deliberation initiatives.

A network of societal workshop locations and events is to be constructed
in view of the European Parliament (S)Elections may-june 2024.

Version Workbooks EP 2024, Sectors all with Societal Booklets > see Catalogue Sector Booklets
* Version Workbooks EP 2024, SubSectors and Projects, all with Societal Booklets > see Catalogue Subsector Booklets
* Version Workbooks EP 2024, Study Disciplines, all with Societal Booklets > see Catalogue Disciplines Booklets
* Version Workbooks (S)Elections 2024-2030 Geo-Territories, all with Societal Booklets
Location owners and workshop coaches welcome!
Send your references to
You will receive the necessary links and material.

Preformatted, multi-pages templates for thematic and geo-territorial topics.
12 pages, 60+ adresses according the topic, with condensed, lots of essential data on the topic.
Topics can include all sectors, related to real transition towards a sustainable and convivial world.

Extra: where relevant, inside foulded is a geo-map of the topic, in modulable format as well in formats A4 or A3.

Finally a parallel set of documents is available, possibly for print, related to the topic,
and to be used at life workshops and expositions.

Blank models and example applications, in various languages, soon online for download and replication,
including for societally-conscious rentabilization of the booklets and related content.

Soon online:
Societal Booklet: Person-Planet Convivial Awakening Movement.
Societal proactivation of citizens, specially locally and regionally,
which are on the root levels of the world economy and its social-political governance.
Societal Booklet: Geo-Politics and Policy
Person-Planet societal vision and contribution.

Societal Booklet: "I decide" Movement

Societal Booklet: Cognitive Biases
Societal Booklet: Cognitive Demystifications
Societal Booklet: Personal Own-Domain Site

epelections2024.png      idecidebooklet.png

"One Planet Eco-Footprint" Booklet soon online
"Creative and Solidary Sobriety" Booklet soon online

streetsurveys.booklet.png    bioagro.booklet.png -

microregionsbooklet.png     urbanneighborhoods.booklet.png -

alcacerbooklet.png         bookletbrusselstest01.png -

Preliminary versions, under construction, municipality Alcácer do Sal, Portugal, and Brussels Region, Belgium.
See also Brussels Region to Alentejo Migration Plan 2030 Thinking Model

Project SocietalSystem + Mission Alentejo Spring 2024

Details soon online.

Soon online
Societal Booklet Algarve, Portugal - Societal Booklet Alentejo, Portugal
See also: Societal Booklets Geo-Territórios Região Alentejo Region Geo-Territories
Societal Booklet Wallonie Region, Belgium - Societal Booklet Region Vlaanderen, België

gentbooklet.png    namurbooklet.png -

Soon online português
Booklet Algarve, Portugal - Booklet Alentejo, Portugal
Booklet, Portugal
English Français Nederlands Deutsch
Booklet Belgium - Booklet, Europe Continent
Booklet, World

panergetics.booklet.png       mentalage.booklet.png -

Other Booklets soon online
UN SDGs 2030 for All Everywhere - UN Global Climate
and Biodiversity Action
Societal Applications School Disciplines and Programs - Academic Theses
SocietalSystem General - General

Central Operating Booklet: SocietalSystem ( StS ) Triad Platform - -
Proactive Information DataBank - Citizens' steered Societal Governance Organization - Person-Planet Societal Connections Platform

The whole content of each Booklet, including the entities' addresses, are inserted in a range of related webpages,
troughout SocietalSystem ( StS ) and We-Econet.

Construction of a Network of existing Partnering Print and Copy Shops,
250 Geo-Territories Navigation Page StS-Partners CopyShops
where the material, booklets and posters, can be produced and delivered on request.
No contract to sign, no commission to SocietalSystem or
Print and Copy Shops, anywhere in the world, welcome to join!
Send your references to
You will receive the necessary links and material.


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